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Chi Energy


    ...and a detailed scientific approach to this energy, at last !


Ch'i = K'í / Kí = Prana = Orgon / Orgone = Od = Vril = Élan vital = X-Energy = Bio-Energy

Chi-energy & Feng Shui :: LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipments Qi = Chi Energy = Life Force & Life Energy (ki, prana, shakti, ka, pneuma, mana, ha, ashe, animal-magnetism, od, orgone, elan-vital, x-energy, bioenergy, etc.).
(Ch'i is usually mispelled chi, notation that has been left.)

Chi Energy - Dragon Chi-energy & Feng Shui :: LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipments Life Energy & Life Force, or Chi - transfers at any distance via "structural links", without -any significant- loss.

Chi-energy & Feng Shui :: LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipments Transferring to other places via structural links(!), Life Force, Chi or Qi, carries with it characteristics - often "trend energies" - of its original position.
This is a characteristic of Chi-energy and Qi, which is similar to EMF transfer, where, for instance light is reflected in specific colors, shapes, etc., before reaching the eye of the observer.

Chi-energy & Feng Shui :: LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipments This characteristic is an explanation of "remote viewing" and other perceptions at a distance.
It is a characteristic of all living beings and it can be regarded as a fundamental characteristic of life itself.

Chi-energy & Feng Shui :: LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipments Conscious remote viewing and other perceptions at a distance are a result of a conscious focus of a living being to a distant object, which establishes a structural link - structural connection - with that object or with a set of objects.
RAD 1000 To actually gain the perceptions, a linkage has to be determined with the appropriate sensory organs, mostly with the part operating in the brain and connecting this organ to consciousness/language.
Without that, remote viewing will remain to be "hunches" at best. This semantic connection has to be established by training.

Right RAD 1000 Power Radionic & Manifestation Device with Super-Orgonite® stick pad and 3 knobs for radionics rates  +  'Structural Linkage' PBT 2400 HD with -unique- Transfer Disk

Chi-energy & Feng Shui :: LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipments There is much reason to assume that such connections can reach as well into the time dimensions.
Presently, relying on evidence of how human brains are organizing their perceptions into time, we can speak of time as being mathematically represented by a four dimensional Gaussian space (time-lines, time/planes, ...).
Functionally identical with this mathematical-semantic uncertainly is the fact that with any present act we impact the realities that we -as humans- perceive as future as well as past.

Chi / Qi: LifeForce & LifeEnergy Chi-energy & Feng Shui :: LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipments You can use the same methods of connection with specific targets not only for receiving characteristics of the target, but also to actively project characteristics of your location - or, when double-targeting, any other location of your choice, thus influencing the environment of the targeted area/living being.
Again, you are using structural links and with the same methods you establish linkage to specific characteristics / properties.

Chi-energy & Feng Shui :: LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipments The LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipments powered by- and boosted with -integrated- Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®, supply massive life energy & life force (chi energy, or orgone-energy) to ensure the most powerful impact possible upon the -choosen- target, and to give power to the programmed & desired trend.

The shortest distance between two points is a structural link(Karl Hans Welz).
This natural law is at the basis of our new LifeForce Technology !

Copyrighted© by Karl Hans Welz

More information about

Chi-energy / Qi-energy

(or Qi) is the “life’s breath” or energy that binds life together.
Chi is a primal substance that animates the universe, a mysterious -life-force.

Chi is the invisible energy of life that flows in and around us throughout the universe.
Used skillfully, it can have a remarkable effect on health and vitality — to the degree that you’d be tempted to call it magical, if it weren’t so completely natural.
Waysun Liao: "Chi: Discovering Your Life Energy"

Chi, (pronounced chee), also known as Ki, Qi, or Prana, is the general term for the life force energy that flows through every living thing. Chi is present in every cell, throughout our mind, body, and soul. Chi energy flowing in you is what gives you vitality, and fullness of life. A person with balanced chi will feel full of energy, joy, and zest for life.

Chi is the force that sets the world and everything in it into motion, and -also- is the force that sustains all things once they are created.

Chi-energy animates matter, infusing it with life.
Often described as the "life force", and symbolize the meaning of the vitality. 
In terms of the body, chi is that which differentiates a corpse from a live human being.

Chi-energy The concept of chi / qi also extends beyond the physical body, to the subtle energies that activate all human functions, including emotions and thought.

Chi refers to the energy that everything around us has and gives off.
It flows around us, emitting a positive or negative vibe. The flow of energy has direct effects on the mood and well-being of people.

According to Wikipedia; in traditional Chinese culture, qi or ch'i (chi) is believed to be a vital force forming part of any living entity. Qi, or Chi translates as "air" and figuratively as "material energy", "life force", or "energy flow". Qi / chi is the central underlying principle in Chinese traditional medicine and in Chinese martial arts. The practice of cultivating and balancing qi / chi is called qigong / chi kung.

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lifeenergy-lifeforce Drink always energized water! With the help of the LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments you can energize and charge it till saturation- drinking water in just a few seconds! Consume- & drink it with pleasure!

It is the all-encompassing, all-permeating, unifying force which flows through all things, animate and inanimate.
The atmosphere is filled with qi and chi-energy, and people possess chi, which is the source of each individual's unique presence.

Qi / chi is describe it as a vital energy, the flow of which must be unimpeded for health

tai-chi | chi-energy | life-energy & life-force Qi- or Chi energy is the essence used in acupuncture, qigong, taiji, and reiki, as well as many other traditional-martial- arts.

Chi or qi, was considered to be "the source of vitality, harmony, creativity, and moral courage.
Known generally as the "universal life force," this energy is also known as "bioenergy," "vital energy," "vital force," or, most commonly in the United States, the "life force", or "life energy".
Manipulating, harnessing, channeling, and balancing the universal life force is the basis of many alternative healing methods.

The Oxford English Dictionary entry gives the etymology from Chinese "air; breath", and a definition of "The physical life-force postulated by certain Chinese philosophers; the material principle."

Chi is universal primordial energy - the life-giving, vital energy that unites body, mind and spirit.

Unbalanced chi can cause emotions to become agitated, distressed or erratic, on the contrary, balanced chi can cause emotions to become more smooth, more balanced, and stable.

When your chi is strong, balanced, flowing and focused you exude energy and good health.
Good health and strong, balanced chi are almost one and the same. RAD 2400 HD LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipment Power Radionic & Manifestation Device with integrated Heavy Duty / HD type Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®

Mental chi, one can enhance clarity of thought. Whether working for long periods of time, or in distracting environments, focus can be maintained on the task at hand.

Spiritual chi makes it more possible for humans to enter higher states of consciousness, which lie at the heart of religious experience.

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The Taoist Eight Energy Body Theory

The Taoist Eight Energy Body Theory

The Eight Energy Bodies

by Bruce Frantzis

1. The flesh of the physical body.

2. The chi body, which fuels the physical body.

3. The emotional body, which gives rise to your emotions, both positive and negative.

4. The mental body, which causes thoughts to function, whether with clarity or confusion. LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments

5. The psychic body, which allows us to find our hidden internal capacities and helps our intuition or psychic perceptions become concrete.

6. The causal body, which causes karma to flow.

7. The body of individuality, which enables the actual birth of the full spiritual being commonly referred to as our essence.

8. The realization of the TAO or the entire universe, which few people ever actualize.

Courtesy Energy Arts: https://www.energyarts.com/taoist-eight-energy-body-theory

Important notice:
during function, our -genuine- new & performant Life Energy & Life Force Equipments generates and emanates continuously Qi or Chi-energy, which can be overtaken and used for many purpose and many goals, and can be directed and transferred to any person and/or any location. (!)

Adaptation by Sandor Dezsi


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& LifeForce Equipments
with Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®

Dynamic FENG SHUI & FENG SHUI Chi Plus+


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