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Chi Energy - a brief history


A short history of life energy & life force; chi / qi, prana, od / odic force, orgone or bio-energy

As the name implies, life energy is the energy of life (!), i.e., the energy, which we can notice as being accumulated in massive amounts especially in living organisms.

On the other hand, life-energy is a universal energy.
This means, no more and no less, that there is virtually no space, no object in space, where we would not find this energy and observe its effects. (!)

In many of the ancient human cultures, there have been people who were well aware of this fact.
They felt life-force & life-energy, they used it in many ways, and they needed no "scientific proof" to "work" with it.

Throughout history, life-energy & life-force has received many names.

People of ancient India called it PRANA.
The practices of pranayama and yoga evolved from the knowledge of prana.

The ancient Chinese called it CHI or Qi.
The practices of Tai Chi and Chi Kung developed from this knowledge.

The Polynesians called the mysterious life force MANA.
They derived from it the practices of Kahuna.

JU 1000 Chi Mind Machine & Mind Trainer LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipment In the living organism, this energy is Chi, Ki, Od, Bio-Energy, Prana, Life Energy, Life Force, etc., etc. (every culture and language has its own name for the -basically- same energy).

Right JU 1000 Chi Mind Machine & MindTrainer Life Energy & Life Force Equipment

In many cultures, they also noticed that life-force & life-energy & orgone-energy (chi & kí & prana & od) can be directed.
The practices of Yoga and Chi Gong / chi kung, and tai-chi chuan emerged from such knowledge.

Also, throughout history, humans have used life energy, life force or orgone energy for many purposes.
This use of life-force & life-energy (orgone-energy), was always the result of practical experience.

With the establishment of scientific principles and scientific thinking, many researchers examined the phenomena of life-force, life-energy, chi-energy and orgone-energy, and they developed specific theories with which they explained their observations and practical applications. Boat

Modern Western terms for life-force & life-energy are "orgone", "animal magnetism", "magnetic fluid", "od / odic force", "Solar ether", "bio-energy" and others.

Belonging to the first technologies of humankind, methods of applying life-force & life-energy (naturally became part of humans’ religious belief systems, very similar to the use of fire, the making of metals, and natural phenomena, most of which they experienced without understanding their causes.

This "life-force & life-energy technology" has been used widely and consciously for the benefit of humankind possibly for as long as humankind has been roaming this planet.

Therefore, much of the time the practical application of life-force & life-energy (chi-, khi / ki, prana, od, bioenergy or orgone-energy) was linked closely to the religious creed of the culture where it was used.
Moreover, whenever an application of this universal energy was successful, such a success was considered to be proof of the religious creed of the practitioner and his or her piety or "righteousness" as many of today's religionists prefer to call it.

Most of the ancient healing practices, shamanism, religious miracles and special power of the spiritual work, are unthinkable without the use of life-force and orgone-energy. AO 2000

This widespread use of life-force & life-energy, chi, orgone, mana, od, magnetic fluid, animal magnetism, personal magnetism or prana has existed for as long as humankind roamed this planet.

Right AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipment

Moreover, such uses almost always have been making use of the fact that life force & life energy can be directed with the human mind and that it can be transferred at a distance.

In fact, life-force & life-energy can be transferred at any distance, no matter how far away the 'target of the operation' may be.

Early humans simply knew of this fact, and this knowledge was based on their experiences with this energy and the applications and technologies that they derived from this knowledge and their previous experiences.

Therefore, you can find out soon the following important fact:
When we are talking of action at a distance that is based on the transfer of life-force & life-energy by means of structural links, we are dealing with science and we are going to show you the "how"- and "why" in the following.

Franz Anton Mesmer: "animal magnetism" and "magnetic fluid"

Franz Anton Mesmer One of the most important pioneers of life-force & life-energy, chi-, prana- and orgone-technology was Franz Anton Mesmer.
He gave life-force & life-energy the label "animal magnetism"  and "magnetic fluid", and he built the first accumulators of this energy.

Since he was a medical doctor, he used his life-force (orgone) accumulators for healing purposes.
He also developed methods to magnetize ("mesmerize") people for healing.

In our days, his followers use the word "personal magnetism".

Baron Karl von Reichenbach: "Od" / "Odic force"

Baron Karl von Reichenbach Baron Karl von Reichenbach called life energy "Od" or "Odic Force."

He conducted thousands of tests with more than hundred sensitive people who could see and feel this mystical energy (lifeenergy & lifeforce, chi, prana, orgone and bioenergy), and whose descriptions were practically identical.and he developed a comprehensive theory concerning this energy.

Korschelt: "Solar Ether"

Oskar Korschelt Around 1900, Oskar Korschelt succeeded in building a "Solar Ether Radiation Apparatus", which, when analyzed more closely and tested, turned out to be a life-force & life-energy accumulator (i.e. an orgone accumulator).

Wilhelm Reich: "Orgone-energy"

Wilhelm Reich Having been a disciple of Sigmund Freud, Dr. Wilhelm Reich examined the physical energy that is released during sexual activity and consequently he discovered that life force, which he called "orgone", is this energy.
Reich used the term "Orgone" for life energy and -after several scientific research- invented the orgone accumulator (orac).

He used this device to charge people with lifeforce & lifeenergies for a healing.
His scientific theory was the most advanced model of life-force & life-energy (until the development of "hyper space mathematics" by Karl Hans Welz - who invented the Orgone Generators® & Prana Generators® & Chi Generators®).

Coming from an entirely new angle and living in a scientifically more advanced era than his predecessors, Reich was capable to formulate a significantly more modern approach to life-force & life-energy, or orgone-energy, which was as extensive as the research that Karl von Reichenbach had published.

Wilhelm Reich observed orgone energy and used it for many purposes.

As a first, he showed that orgone energy followed the principle of negative energy, i.e., that the stronger potential of orgone energy is drawing energy from the weaker potential, and he showed how this negative entropy was the motor of many biological, meteorological and other processes in nature.
Although Reich apparently was the first scientist to recognize that orgone energy (life force) follows the principle of negative entropy, he was entirely unaware of its transfer at any distance.

Furthermore, Wilhelm Reich was the first person to be aware of the existence of "DOR," or Deadly ORgone energy, as he called it.

DOR, according to Reich, is a stale form of orgone energy, which can cause serious health problems in humans.
With his Oranur experiment, massive amounts of this DOR developed, which made necessary a temporary abandoning of his facilities and the dismantling of the orgone accumulators in that area.

Karl Hans Welz: Orgonite®

Karl Welz and his results of scientific research; the invention of the Chi Generator & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®

Karl Hans Welz Soon after having started his own research of lifeenergy (orgone energy  & life force), he recognized that the principle or negative entropy and transfer at any distance, when seen within the space that is defined by electromagnetic energies (the "visual" space), are two modes of expression of one and the same characteristic of lifeenergy & lifeforce.

Karl Welz discovered the scientific basis for the transfer of life-force & life-energy (chi-, prana-, and orgone energy) at any distance, years before he invented the Orgone Generator®, Prana Generators®  or Chi Generator®, in 1991.
This was the first Vital / Vitality Generator; Orgone Generator® & Prana Generator® & Chi Generator® on this planet.

After his invention of the chi generator® & prana generator® & orgone generator®, still during the same year and before he began to market the first Vital / Vitality Generators; orgone generators® & prana generator® & chi generators®, he was capable of establishing proof of this transfer by succeeding in a signal transfer from machine-to-machine.

The principle that he formulated (chi- & prana- & orgone energy transfer at any distance):
'the shortest distance between two points in the respective spaces is a structural link'™.

  Karl Hans Welz and the invention of Orgonite®

Less than one year after he invented the Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®, in 1992, Karl invented a much more effective life-force & life-energy (orgone-energy) accumulating material, which he gave the name "orgonite®".

With time, he added more and more materials to this basic mixture, making orgonite® increasingly effective, which eventually evolved into today's super-orgonite®.

Transfer at a Distance; the 'Structural Link' & the 'Structural Linkage Theory'

Before Karl invented the orgone generator® (chi generator® & prana generator®), he was aware of the transfer of life energy & life force, or orgone energy, at any distance.

Life Force, Life Energy and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) can be viewed as being integral parts of a continuum that encompassed both.
With either energy, we can define distance as a result of structural differences.

While EMF based energies follow the principle of entropy, LF & LE (life-force & life-energy) based energies follow the principle of negative entropy.
From that difference, the other characteristics of these two polarities of energies follow naturally.
For orgone energy (life-force & life-energy, chi, prana, bio-energy, od, etc.) "structural links" are either near-identical or equivalent.


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