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"We are all surrounded with so much static energy, that it is actually crucial to develop the ability to remove that and to flow through the streams in life that we make— the ones that are not stagnant, the ones that are real, the energy that is flowing and that is real and that is actual."
C. JoyBell C.


Applications of Life Energy & Life Force; and of the Life Force & Life Energy Equipments with -integrated- Vitality Generators; Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator® for...

Success Strategies

Success Management, Advanced Trend Management

Success here means the achieving of goals that you have targeted.

We have mentioned before what’s decisive for success of any action at a distance in general and in radionics operations in particular.
a) Sufficient life energy & life force to energize the operation
b) A precise structural link to the target
c) A precise structural link to the trend energy

In addition to this, you have to consider other factors such as do-ability of the project, availability of the desired success, and interferences from the environment and from within. More about this in the next section about success strategies.
Therefore you have to analyze the situation before embarking on more complicated operations.
Start with the target of the operation: you or the person for whom you are setting it up.

What is intended?

Get a very clear idea of what you intend to do and be aware of potential consequences of the trend energies when activated and the resulting situation once the goal is achieved.
Remember the stroy of “the wizard’s apprentice” where the broom is transformed into a water-carrier!

This means no more and no less that, when working with high power equipment you need to be aware of the potential consequences of your action. Before you intend to get a specific person inclined to be your lover, make a little background check.
It could well be that your subconscious actually protected you from such a relationship for a good reason.

An old saying: “when doing the magic, you likely get what you want ...” explains this very well: you may just end up as an abused wife/lover or as a hen/pecked husband!
Then you have to do the next operation to straighten out that situation (if still possible), and so on.

Now let’s go to applied trend management.
Let’s assume that you want to heighten your professional chances, perhaps a promotion, better working conditions or simply more pay.

How can you set up manifestation operations to achieve these goals?

Proceed as follows:

) Analyze the situation. Weigh the pros and cons carefully!

b) Write down in precise terms what you intend to achieve, for instance persuasion skills on the workplace combined with recognition of your merits. Be sure that it is do-able!
Wanting significantly more pay, but lacking any incentive to change bad working habits into delivering high quality work in return is unlikely to bring the expected results, unless you are putting a love trend on the boss simultaneously.

c) Select the appropriate filters / symbols from a card pack, manifestation program, or filters made by yourself.
Add your specific wishes and modifications to it.

d) Put these filters and written specifications onto the well of the device or next to the device.

e) There are two methods that you can apply now:
 (1) Keep the operation active till you are successful
 (2) The “ceremonial” approach: view the operation as a ceremonial. You perform it, generate the energy field that continues to be active in your cause, then turn the device off and allow the energy field to continue working on it.
Repeat this action day by day, about one- to two hour each time, till the result is achieved.

How long will it take to be successful?

By now, you know what the basis for your success is:

1. Sufficient life energy & life force (from your device)

2. Precise structural links to trend and target, and

3. A strong mental connection to your device and to your intent.

This means that your attitude towards the operation that you are performing is crucial for your success.
Doubts concerning the success of your operation and lack of trust in your capabilities are detrimental to the success of your work.

If, on the other hand, you have a positive attitude and you are convinced that the envisioned result will manifest sooner or later, then you increase the chances of success significantly!

In case you notice doubts or negative attitude, you can counteract it with autogenic training, positive thinking and affirmations that you can also support with your Life Force & Life Energy Equipments with -integrated- Vitality Generators; Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator® and manifestation program.

Normally you can expect the results within a period of time that is commensurable with the situation that you intend to change.

Pitfalls Blocking Success

When beginning to use the combination of Life Force & Life Energy Generator Equipments with integrated Vitality Generators; Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator® and/or manifestation program, naturally most persons are very successful with it.

This is so, because it works for most things that they envisioned originally without prior training most of the time.
Very often the reason for such striking immediate success is that the work with the Life Force & Life Energy Generator Equipments with integrated Vitality Generators; Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator® and manifestation program provides this extra push that is needed in situations, which have been evolving often into a positive direction and which were ready to manifest, and where a minor adjustment was still necessary to succeed.

Sometimes, however, there are instances when the best of efforts seem to fail.
This usually happens later and only a few owners of the devices have experienced this challenge right at the beginning.

The main reasons for such failure are:

1. Misjudgment of availability
2. Misjudgment of the situation
3. Misjudgment of personal capability
4. Misjudgment of personal attitudes and unawareness of personal interferences, idealism, etc.
5. Misjudgment of subconscious blocks and subconscious interferences
6. Misjudgment or unawareness of inter-ferences from the people-environment and outside interferences
7. Misjudgment of the “climatic back-ground of trends” and cultural environ-ment at the time of the operation.

At first we are going to deal with the various reasons for delays or even failures in general and then we are going to give you an idea of how to develop a success strategy from a thorough analysis of the challenges that you may face.

Later we are going to continue by working on specific areas where failure can occur and replace the various mishaps with the appropriate success strategies, and I am going to show a few examples.
Based on this experience you will then be able to develop the most effective methods to achieve success.

Finally, we are showing, in general terms, these ideas in the setup of a “wheel of success” where you can find at a glimpse the steps that you need take when going for supreme success in any field!

Lack of Availability

1. Misjudgment of availability


a) Attempts to get the one and only one big win in a lottery.
For instance, if there is only one grand prize in a lottery, only one person will get it, no matter how many people are using equipment to get that big one. Well known are of course the massive interferences when someone attempts to beat incredible odds to get some of these famous jack pots!
Even if you can use the equipment to up your odds three fold, even ten fold, you would need to wait a statistical average of 100,000 drawings instead of 1 million drawings to get such a “big one”. So it can work, provided you give it enough time and a substantial investment of money. Of course, statistical averages are statistical averages. You may hit it as well tomorrow with a single ticket!
Some of the gods to whom “wannabee” winners pray must be quite annoyed, considering that of a million or so prayers to them for the “big one” all are doomed to fail, with the exception of one and only one, provided, of course, that a person who prayed gets that big one and not one who has a Chi Generator® and manifestation program!

b) Attempts to get a specific famous person as a lover.
This situation is similar to the one as above (availability of the big win), especially if the would-be lover has nothing to offer in return (as is usually the case) and is one of the many others who bug those folks with that annoying “fan” mail, which their secretaries rightfully ditch.

c) Attempts to strike it rich in a business venture that promises wealth to its marks, and which has been established and structured mainly to bring wealth to the corporation only, which sells these “opportunities”.
Typically, most MLM (multi level marketing) scams fall into this category.

Misjudging the Situation

2. Misjudgment of the situation


a) Attempts to draw a partner who loves city life, wanting that she/he exchanges that for primitive conditions in the country with nothing in return.

b) Attempts to draw a specific partner for sex only, if that person has extreme reservations against such a type relationship: reservations which are rooted in education and/or religion, possibly also subconscious fears, etc.

Misjudgment capabilities

3. Misjudgment of personal capability


a) Attempts to “get money fast” when absolutely no skill can back up such a wish.

b) Attempts to be immediately successful in a profession of which the operator has little or no experience at all.
If you want to be successful a doctor, you need to have learned the skill and received your licenses previously - or (hopefully you are not one of those cons) be skilled in faking it.
Standing in front of a mirror, visualizing “your goals” won’t cut it, unless backed by skills that have to be learned. In fact, this includes the skills to make and hold money as well. Ever heard of the person who, after a weekend motivational seminar for which she or he paid $600.00, stood in front of a mirror for weeks, repeating “medicine, medicine, medicine, …” hoping to be an MD soon?

c) Attempts to draw a partner for sex when the operator him/herself is incapable to such activity - for whatever reason.

d) Attempts to get a top of the line lover when looking like a dog (oops, I hope the national association of dogs does not sue me for slander!), lacking personal hygiene, lacking manners and lacking other items that such a partner would like to see.

e) Attempts to make a big showing in music without the skills to play an instrument, without charisma and without capability to deal with producers once the window of opportunity is open.

In my past career as a consultant, I ran into practically all of those situations, and then a few more ...

Personal Attitudes

4. Misjudgment of personal attitudes and unawareness of personal interferences


a) When trying for wealth, the attitude that it is undeserved.

b) When trying for love, the attitude that it is bad, or worse, an obsession for a specific person.

c) When trying to hold a lover, to be unreasonably jealous and demanding.

d) When trying to get a lover back, obsession that obscures everything else.
Think of someone who is obsessed with a specific women (a weakness that is radiated out, most of the time), is timid (another weakness), lacks personal hygiene, is outright filthy, etc. Imagine that this person hopes that setting a device will cause that lady (who, like most sane persons, neither wants weak partners, nor timid ones, nor stinking ones that obviously don’t care about their appearances) to knock at the door at the same midnight, asking him to go to bed with her.
Well, that will not work and the energy radiated out may even have an opposite effect, since it likely will cause the woman think of a filthy pig and is annoyed. Against stupidity even the gods are powerless: an old saying.

Other Pitfalls

5. Misjudgment of subconscious blockages and interferences


a) Subconscious fears and ideas that were instilled during the course of education or that resulted from traumatic experiences.

b) The fear of sex and healthy relationships that resulted from severe abuses in childhood

6. Misjudgment or unawareness of environmental interferences

peer pressure, religion, hostility of people whose help is needed

Climatic Background of Trend Energies

7. Misjudgment of the “climatic background of trends” at the time of the operation


This is similar to the above, and concerns more the trends that are going on in society at the time of operation.
Trying to sell stocks at a high price at times when the stock marked is bearish will not work. Trying to sell propane gas for heating in summer at winter prices will also be very difficult to do.
Attempts to strike it rich quick in a profession for which there is no demand in society: Ever played with the idea of selling 100 coaches with horses to be used in the center of New York?

Often the problems are less obvious, especially when the operator has to deal with challenges that concern wishes, which seem more available, more legit, or which are presented like that.
Sometimes such operators begin to work on desires and wishes for things that they do not really want.
A thorough analysis of one’s own desires is necessary in such a situation. The equipment certainly can help you to discover subconscious blockages, legitimate and irrational ones. As far as irrational blockages are concerned, they can be re-directed and actually be useful in other activities, where their impact matters, while “staying away” from the activities, in which you want to be successful.

In “old language” (coming from times when nothing whatsoever was known to humans about the subconscious and its function), such irrational, often self destructive, actions have been seen differently.
People thought of them as coming from the “mysterious wisdom, will and ways” of a deity. In such a case, the religious conditioning of the “I don’t deserve” type plays a big part. They may also attribute failures to the continuous foul play of “entities, demons, ancestors” or the like that may act outside the individual or act as “attachments” from within. The practice to deal with these situations consisted of getting rid of the entities. The tasks of such entities were often re-assigned. Another practice was to replace them with stronger entities that are more sympathetic to the wishes of the person in question. This model works quite well in a lot of situations.

You can use the equipment regardless what type mapping you prefer. Sometimes animistic thinking of personified entities is more useful, at others the mapping of subconscious parts of the personality, and at others the mapping that deals with trends as energy fields that in many cases have a characteristic of personnification. In any one of these approaches, when re-assigning tasks, analysis of mechanisms of failure and the setting up of specific success strategies can be a decisive help in achieving your goals.
Again, your equipment helps not only in these tasks, but also in assuring permanence of the results. In any one of these approaches (animistic mappings of “entities”, the more recent mapping of a “subconscious”, or a more dynamic mapping that involves fields of “trend energy” that surround you, or a combination of all), the effects will be the same if you develop a good success strategy for the result that you wish to manifest.

The Wheel of Success

Potential Solutions -
           The Wheel of Success!

. Check for availability. Make sure that what you intend to achieve is do-able.
2. Analyze the situation and the potential for success it offers.
3. Determine personal capability and readiness for the task. If missing, generate ways of the quickest possible achieving of capability.
4. Analyze personal attitudes and your own interferences, idealism, etc. If necessary, take steps to overcome them. Exhibit a positive attitude!
5. Be aware of subconscious blockages and subconscious interferences. Set up operations to re-assign them, if needed.
6. Be aware of interferences from the people-environment and outside interferences. Counteract peer pressure and mental interference from other people.
7. Generate a positive “climatic background of trends” and deal with the religious-cultural environment at the time of the operation.
All this has to be done before you begin with the actual operation. Just one of these points ignored, misjudged, and not acted upon can be a reason for failure of the operation! If needed, set your device to help you taking stock of the challenge and to build your wheel of success!
Any type interference can develop into a reason for failure.
Change and ultimate results will manifest, of course, whenever you can analyze the true nature of the challenge, its various aspects and if, based on that, you put appropriate success strategies into motion such as changes in attitude, changes in appearance and acquiring of the skills needed.
Success strategies are very helpful in developing a winning attitude and the inner feeling that’s so necessary to ger any type of results. It is a well-known fact that, whenever there is a clash between the will to achieve a specific result and conscious or sub-conscious expectations and attitudes towards that outcome, the latter will almost always win out over sheer will power.
Conversely, once you adjust your attitudes and expectations, conscious and nonconscious ones, towards a goal, then sheer will power is of secondary importance, and quite often it is not needed at all.
Above all, be pragmatic in your approach! Rather than aiming at a goal that’s way ahead of your status quo, it is very useful to compromise, to approach your goal persistently step by step, and success will be forthcoming soon!
To set in motion a change of your inner expectations and attitudes is relatively easy, especially with the equipment that you have available now.
Now let’s go to the practical part: Here I am going to introduce you to some typical pitfalls, which invariably lead to unsuccessful outcomes and, after analyzing those pitfalls, I am going to continue with success strategies that can overcome these challenges and ultimately lead to the results that you desire.

The Fat-Buster: Chi Energy for Weight Loss

The fat-buster: success strategies in weight control, or: how you can get the physique that you have always wanted!

Weight control is a typical example of multiple negative outcome where there is a clash between will and imagination/expectation. In fact, huge industries are thriving as a result of that rather sad situation, which they are exploiting shamelessly.

Let’s get it straight first: fat is part of us. It is storage of energy reserves that will be used in times of inadequate food supply. As a temporary measure, this certainly is fine and natural. Gross overweight, on the other hand, has long been proven to be a considerable health risk.

Therefore, whenever you want to lose weight, you simply use up your reserves, no less and no more is required!

Seems simple, and yet, most people have serious problems doing just that when intending to get rid of their excess pounds.
It is possible that humans do not have much of a genetic protection against over-eating, and most certainly do most of them not act that way. That, at least, is it what some people contend. Perhaps that’s correct and not a lead-in publicity stunt to get the general public prepared for some of the more esoteric scam-methods of genetically engineered “treatment” or some alternative medicine “quantum nanotechnology” patches designed to change the genes.

Perhaps we should look at another facet of the problem. First of all, there are enough people out there who “manage” to maintain a fairly normal body weight even in times of plenty. Secondly, in countries where there is ample food advertising, there is an excessive tendency towards gross overweight of huge parts of their populations, while in countries with plenty of food supply, but much less food advertising, such a problem does not exist. This is a situation that does not necessarily support the assumption (or cop-out) of the “genetic scapegoat.” A good example is Europe, where all of a sudden gross overweight became rampant. All of a sudden? Well, this development “coincidentally coincided” with the “invasion” of the fast-junk-food industry. What is still missing in those countries is that extremely gross fatness, which I have observed only in countries and population groups where corn is one of the main staples of food and of food-ingredients.

In the US some 50% of non-drug-TV advertising is geared towards food, almost always the rather unhealthy and fattening fast food garbage. Even in soap operas the “heroes” with whom the viewers so happily identify are eating quite a bit. If it did not work, the food industry would not go to the massive expense of working on expectation and imagery of the audiences. As a consequence of it working well, people eat more, get fatter, and they feed the coffers of ruthless industries of death and disease.

Counteracting the impact of food commercials should be the first and foremost strategy to help an overweight person!

Having seen and read thousands of commercials coming from the slim-down industry, I have not noticed a single one that would describe the impact of food advertising. Strong vested interests (besides simple ignorance of the facts) may cause the slimming-industry’s advertisers and executives from addressing that problem. In fact, it is certainly more profitable to thrive on guilt-feelings of the fat and not so fat people addressed by the commercials than working towards removing the root causes of gross obesity. Such action, in fact, would reduce the customer-base and market share, of course! People may then also become aware that it’s not some esoteric fat-burning formulas, fast slimming fake-foods that are loaded with chemical junk, self-assertions, costly diets, surgery, 10-minutes a day exercise machines, “relativistic quantum nanotechnology” methods and patches, etc., that lead to lasting success. Quite to the contrary, simply using-up the stored energy (speak: fat), either by being more active or by supplying the body with less energy reserves (speak: food), or both, still appears to be the most effective and cost efficient method! The only recommendation during such times would be that the person takes sufficient vitamins and minerals, ideally not synthetic garbage, so that there is no lack of essential substances that are needed for the proper functioning of the body.

Let’s sum it up

Potential problems:
1. Clash of expectation/imagination with will power.
2. The expectation of being powerless, mostly promoted by the food industry, but also as a “hidden expectation” in the slim-fast-down industry, will prevail over the will of the individual to lose fat. Have you ever noticed that absurdly fat person sipping on a diet drink or, worse yet, a shake of slim-down-quick junk first, and then gorging him or herself on half a gallon of ice cream and three MacDoodoo Burgers?
3. Paying customers remain paying customers for both branches of industry, provided that they remain fat!

Potential solutions:
1. Reduce impact of advertising from both industries. The best method is to develop inner strategies and mechanisms that create exactly the opposite of what the designers of the commercials intend to do. If possible, boycott all their products. This is definitely not intended as a message for “them,” it can be a working tool for you to trigger a change of attitude in your mind.
2. Develop a set of expectations and inner imagery that favors weight control.
3. Finally, develop strategies to use up the energy reserve of the body, i.e., the layers of fat. This should only be done after points 1 and 2 have been activated and completed successfully, otherwise this can turn out to be too difficult a task, perhaps even useless!
4. These success strategies can be set in motion very effectively when set up as trends with your Chi Generators® and manifestation programs.

A Few Potential Mistakes:
1. Putting “I want to lose weight” in the machine, implying just that, i.e., that you WANT to lose weight.
2. Working with methods that do not address the basic problem of inner attitudes, expectation and self-image.
3. Lack of effective strategies against the impact of food advertising.
4. Guilt-feelings about overweight, using sheer will power alone.
5. ... (and many more)

Suggested procedures:
1. Work on food advertising: There is an appropriate filter available.
2. Develop a concentrated intent to have the perfect weight. Work on the attitude and the confidence that you can do it!
3. Enjoy food! Enjoy it every time you eat it, enjoy every bite, but enjoy it only in quantities that fit the plan and at pre-determined times. It will also be useful not to enjoy it at other times while you are on the plan.
4. Adjust the plan to what your body can handle with ease. For some people losing just one pound a week is optimal, others can handle a lot more. Put an inner-eco-check into your setup. Perhaps consult with a physician or health professional as to what goal you should set.
5. Set up a follow-up plan that corrects the habits for good and does not allow relapses.

Business, Money, Politics, Popularity, etc.

Business Success, Wealth, Leadership, People Skills, and Political Success.

A good friend of mine who is a psychic consultant once stated the following: Basically, there are two reasons for which people come for advice to psychics: the two “aids:” namely, getting laid and getting paid!

Sometimes, then, the customer comes home from a psychic or from a $800.00 weekend seminar, enriched with very deep knowledge of past lives and past life transgressions and karmic guilt accumulated therein.
He or she knows now, or thinks to know, about soul mates, past and present, of pink rays, of curses from lodges with which they were involved in a past life, perhaps even of curses put onto their mother that by some quirk of destiny attached themselves to the offspring. At times long dead and totally unknown ancestors of 20 generations or more in the past (enough generations to have ten million offspring, even more!) are blamed for all of the misfortune in life, who are trying to take him over, uniquely chosen from the 10 million offspring. From other sources comes the deepest knowledge of (freely invented) “secret history of humankind” and bad karma collected during those olden times, and a host of other illuminations. This can easily distract from the basic problem for a while, even have people work (for the religious outfit, of course!) to atone for past life transgressions that likely never existed, and usually it does not solve present challenges either!

Other good moneymakers, usually not for the attendants, and solely for the organizers, are motivational weekend seminars where the attendants are taught to awaken the giant within and the like. Teachers are all too often hailing their own greatness and tell that they have made it by exactly following that which they teach. Fact is, if someone does not have the skills to play tennis, she needs to acquire them. Standing in front of a mirror repeating “I am a great tennis player” over and over again and hoping to win the Wimbledon tournament this way is as silly as standing in front of the mirror, seeing oneself writing big checks, living in million dollar homes and driving around in sports cars that are loaded with a bunch of willing lovers waiting for the bedroom.

All this reminds me very much of the situation that I described with fat burning and a fitness industry that in some way is part of the problem rather than part of the solution! Blaming a have-not person for being in a bad financial situation usually is a distraction that does not deal with the real problem.

For the person who is serious about success it is time to get the facts straight: Poverty is mainly a socio-economic problem. In fact, it’s even more so than gross overweight! If you want riches, you need to eliminate the impact of socio-economic conditioning first and foremost and then you need to actually acquire the skills to handle wealth! No, I am not talking about changing the system. If the system was fair to all, there would not be excessive wealth at all, and possibly no incentive to acquire it either. If socio-economic fairness was curcial for survival of the species, it would long have developed as a genetic trait of the species, and it did not.

If you want excessive wealth, be aware of the functions of the socio-economic system in which you live and which, in fact, does allow individuals to have that unfair edge of excessive wealth. Then use these functions to get where you want to be! In other words: this is a system that certainly can work in your favor as soon as you learn how to use it rather than allowing to be used by it!

Feeling guilty about that? Then you are still stuck inside and victimized by the “equality-trap” that helps so nicely all those folks who are just a bit “more equal” than you and who thoroughly love that additional “equality”!

Let’s face it: Inequality is part of the human species, no matter what idealists or equality-mongers that are motivated by vested interests are trying to teach you - and so are the resulting socio-economic structures in which we live! You can either live up to this fact and use the existing situation and your innate human characteristics to get ahead, or you can decide to remain the runt of the pack for the rest of your life. The choice is yours, of course!

Fact is that by now you have the equipment that can help you getting this “unfair” (a word used by people whose “unfair” intent is to keep you in your subordinate place) advantage when you set your course to reach your maximum potential of wealth, power, and/or political influence. Use it! At the same time, be aware that a human being does not end with the surface of the skin. As human beings, we are “us and our environment”! When we poison our environment with arrogance, bad action, abuse of power, etc, we ultimately poison ourselves! The “runts of the pack” are part of your environments, they are necessary to help your success! Respect them, especially when you reach the top! This makes the difference between a good leader and a bad leader!

Before you can deal with such questions, you need to get there. To do this, you need to de/program yourself and learn the skills that you need to get to the top. Once such skills are in place, you can open opportunities for yourself, and then you can learn additional skills, etc, step by step all the way to the top. Naturally, the development of successful strategies for business success, wealth, and political power is more complex than was developing a strategy for weight control. Use your manifestation setup to maximize this task, and then use the equipment to open opportunity and to help you get to the top.

Below you find a list of pointers. Use what you consider appropriate for your situation.
-- Situation analysis for wealth, power, leadership, people skills
-- Get the facts straight about society and socio-economic environment!
-- Get the facts straight and study human characteristics. We are a predator society of leaders and runts.
-- Get the facts straight about education. Have you ever noticed during your education that school kids from influential parents can get away with things that others never would get away with? Don’t mope about it, don’t condemn human nature, learn from it!
-- Schools fit people into roles of leaders and runts. Therefore, quite often the education of “social skills” is considered “much more important” than the teaching of other skills!
-- The structure of the leadership of super-tribes (nations) is similar to the structure of tribes: there are niches for dominant people who do not make it politically: Leadership in business, in organizations, control of wealth, professional leadership, etc
-- Getting things done vs. “being nice”

Your situation: taking stock and setting goals
-- Set long-term goals
-- Set short-term goals
-- Decide what skills you need for these goals, what skills are demanded; what changes of attitude you need to be successful. Follow through with action and boost it with radionics.
-- Consider alternatives with similar basic demands and solutions, if availability of your goal is low.
-- “Tremendous financial success from an unex/pected source ...” the use of “wild cards,” advantages and disadvantages
-- Set yourself up so that you enjoy that which you are doing.

Potential Basic problems and mistakes
-- The runt mentality, a result of the educational process: in school, people “learn their place” in a hidden curriculum! Check out how it afflicted you and avoid the pitfalls
-- The impact of religion: “you have to work hard to earn your daily bread!” Have you ever met a priest or preacher doing just that, i.., being happy just with “bread”????
-- Lack of knowledge of communications
-- Assuming “giftedness” rather than skills - and giving up

Using strong points of your situation
-- Set yourself up to get the right strategy as much as possible and as often as possible
-- Set yourself up to get viable opportunities.
-- Be ready for a big change
-- Make sure that the changes will be profitable as well
-- Figure out the time it takes to acquire the necessary skills

Going step by step - a plan for yourself
-- Learn communicative skills, boost learning of communicative skills
-- Learn to read people
-- Learn to read the body language of others
Learn to influence people
-- Acquire power mimicry
-- Develop opportunities where you can use and refine such skills progressively:
-- Determine the direction that you take: get ahead first using the skills that you have while acquiring new skills, then the next step with the acquired skills, and so on. Acquire skills and earn while learning, if possible
-- Boost charisma and other skills
-- Use equipment to boost your position of power in specific situations
-- Get increasingly into the procedures of the chosen business, become proficient in methods of marketing, manufacturing, or running the business.
-- Boost your skills to analyze several situations and select the best ones for your success.

Potential Mistakes
-- “I am powerful” in front of the mirror
-- Ignoring the skill factor, hoping that there is some kind of “magic” that puts you into a wealth-and power position without you needing to learn anything or contribute anything to this process.

For many of these advanced situations, the manifestation program is a significant help! I also suggest that you work at least with one heavy duty device!
Further success strategies are in preparation, plus more detailed strategies concerning business, money, and power.

The Ladder of Success

1. Analyze the situation, then, based on that, develop the strategy.
2. Work on your attitude - set attitude work as a continuous function
3. Develop your skills - set skill orientation and skill development as a continuous function
4. Eliminate outside interferences, set “wild card”
5. Prepare the general environment. Protect against repercussion.
6. Prepare the specific environment (people involved)
7. Set to least effort for maximum result.
8. Set trends to hold result(s), once achieved
9. Go for the result (the actual trend energy) - If a far reaching result is a goal, set wild card for the next step and for the most effective method to go through points 1 through 9 again!

Work on each of these points with a separate setup. You can run many of them during the same preparatory time. Avoid running them simultaneously!
Set your equipment for analysis at the beginning. This setting will provide you with important insights in the characteristics and intricacies of the situation that you intend to influence in your favor. Do not do anything else during that time of analysis. Continue with the next steps of your ladder of success when you are certain that you understand the subject matter and that are ready to flesh-out these steps of success with the appropriate trends, or action. Go these steps one by one at first. Then you can work on points 2 through 6 during the same time of preparation, but never simultaneously! Give each of the points there one or two hours daily of energy work with the orgone radionics setup. Follow up with action on your part such as learning the necessary skills.
When you think that you have prepared yourself sufficiently, make another analysis based on the new situations. If this analysis checks out well, go step by step from 4 through 9.

Multiple Chi Energy Transfer

Transfer to Others and multiple operations

You can transfer the energy to friends and acquaintances so that they can benefit from the chi energy. Whenever you decide to help several persons simultaneously, you need to follow a few rules:
1. You need to use a manifestation device or program for this purpose, because you need to set it so that there is equal distribution of the energy.
Otherwise the transfer is irregular: In such a case the strongest person would draw the Lion’s share while others get much less, until the strongest person is saturated with energy. In addition to this, you need to make sure that there is no mutual interference of the operations. In other words: any individual operation that you set up should only affect the person(s) to which it is directed.
2. Unless everybody gets the same trend energy, you cannot run trend energies for as long as you just transfer to several people simultaneously. Again, be sure the manifestation device or program is set for equal transfer of energy.
3. You can have a different transfer diagram for every person. You can design these transfer diagrams yourself, following the instructions in this manual and simply hand them out to persons whom you want to help. This is an advantage when you make several manifestation operations simultaneously.
4. Whenever you perform specific work, for instance manifestation operations for yourself, remove all transfers from the equipment during that time.
5. Naturally, the more persons draw from the equipment, the less the individual gets. A good rule of thumb: up to 3 people simultaneously on a middle of the line device, up to 6 people on a heavy duty device.



Motto / Quote  
"Actually, the mysteries of water are similar to those of the blood in the human body. In Nature, normal functions are fulfilled by water just as blood provides many important functions for mankind."
Viktor Schauberger


Marketing slogan
lifeenergy Take the beneficial energies generated from your Life Energy & Life Force Equipment with you, wherever you go; just carry with you one part of your transfer couple 'structural link'.


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Personal Lessons - OnLine Coaching worldwide-orders :: LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments

With more than 20 years experience in Life Energy & Life Force Equipments -and different Accessories- Customer Support, we proudly offering valuable services, and we are helping- and supporting you as good- and as efficiently we can...
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Find out the secret of the successful manifestation!
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25% of the 'On-line support' cost can be deducted from the orders!
Can not be combined with other discounts!

EU - European Union :: Order - LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments (with built-in Chi Generators® & Orgone Generators®)
On-line support & Personal Lessons
21,9 € / 30 minutes
On-line support & Personal Lessons
39,9 € / 60 minutes (one hour)

On-line support & Personal Lessons
  59,90 € / 1,5h

Emergency Session (!)
 € 129.00   89.90 € / one hour

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LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments with integrated Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®

Catalog & -actual- Prices

Life Energy & Life Force (Chi & Prana & Orgone) generator Equipments

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AO 1100

AO 1100
199,00 €   [ Minimum order: 2pcs ! ]
(Shipping cost not included)
Discontinuing! Contact before order !

AO 2000

Aqua Optimizer  +  Chi Mind Machine
AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer
479,00 €
[Shipping cost not included in the piece price]

JU 99 CE (Chi Energizer)

Chi Mind Machine
JU 99 CE
249,00 €   [ Minimum order: 2pcs ! ]
(Shipping cost not included)

JU 1000 CE (Chi Energizer)

Chi Mind Machine
JU 1000 CE
499,00 €
[Shipping cost not included in the piece price]

LPOG 2000 DL

Low Pulse Orgone Generator 2000 De Luxe
Chi Mind Machine  +  AO
999,00 €
Free shipping & free Customer Support*!

LPOG 2400 HD

Low Pulse Orgone Generator 2400 Heavy Duty
Chi Mind Machine  +  AO
LPOG 2400 HD
1699,00 €
Free shipping & Free Customer Support*!

Performer 2400 HD / SportPerformer 2400

Chi Mind Machine  +  Power Radionics  +  AO
Performer 2400 HD
3199,00 €
Free shipping & free Customer Support*!
All taxes paid, delivery from inside EU! eu

PFC 2000 DL

Precision Frequency Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator® with frequency meter display
Chi Mind Machine  +  Power Radionics  +  AO
PFC 2000
1399,00 €
Free shipping & free Customer Support*!

PFC 2400 HD

Precision Frequency Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator® with frequency counter display
Chi Mind Machine  +  Power Radionics  +  AO
PFC 2400 HD
1999,00 €
Free shipping & free Customer Support*!

RAD 1000

Power Radionics
RAD 1000
459,00 €
[Shipping cost not included in the piece price]

RAD 2000

Power Radionics Device  +  AO
RAD 2000 Power Radionics Manifestation Device
1199,00 €
Free shipping & free Customer Support*!

RAD 2400 HD

Top of the Line Power Radionics Manifestation Device  +  Chi Mind Machine  +  AO
2399,00 €
Free shipping & free Customer Support*!

RAD 5 / ATG 5

Top of the Line Power Radionics Super Manifestation Device  +  Chi Mind Machine  +  AO
rad5 / atg 5
4999,00 €
Free shipping & free Customer Support!

ATG 12 / ATGS 12000

Astro Trend Generating Power System | Top of the Line Orgone & Prana & Chi Power Radionics™ Super Manifestation Device
atg12 / atgs 12000
* Free Customer Support is about using the Equipments (technical advices), but did not include or cover the different 'Manifestation technics' (only for RAD 5) !
Order by Email

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LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments
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Structural Links | Transfer Couples & Power Boosters


TC 99

Transfer Couple | Structural Link
TC 99
59,00 €
[Shipping cost not included in the piece price]


Round Aqua Optimizer Power Transfer Couple | Structural Link
99,60 €
[Shipping cost not included in the piece price]

PBT 2400 Power Booster

Power Booster | Structural Link
PBT 2400 Power Booster
159,00 €
[Shipping cost not included in the piece price]

Adapters / Adaptors

LifeEnergy  4,5 V DC; 7,5 V DC or 9 V DC -EU Plug- Adapters / Adaptors (300-, 500- or 1000 mA); to powering up the equipments

(Shipping cost not included in the piece price)

Adapter 300 mA
12,90 €
Adapter 500 mA
19,90 €
Adapter 1000 mA / 1A
25,90 €

Power Radionics MANIFESTATION Programs


The Manifestation Programfor PCs
Manifestations | Astro- & Feng Shui Dynamic | Fitness / Weight Loss

manifestation program - marketing success
159,90 €
You can order -additionally- different 'Symbols & Filter packs' (!) Customer support is not included in the piece price! Bonus: now (in this month); you will receive half hour of -not only- technical support!

The Manifestation Ultimate LITE Radionic Programfor PCs & MACs

Manifestation Ultimate Lite
116,99  96,99 €
with the first 10 symbols from the 'Alphabet of Desire' Filter Pack included (Gain Favors, Friendship, Charisma, Excellent Teamwork, Self Trust, Find a Good Job, Helps with Completion, Balance & Harmony, Stress Relief, Energy). You can -additionally- order different 'Symbols & Filter packs', as many as you wish(!)
Contact us before ordering!! Customer Support is not included in the piece price!


The Manifestation Ultimate PRO Radionics Programfor PCs & MACs

Manifestation Ultimate Pro Radionic Program
349,90 €
Additionally -different- 'Symbols & Filter packs' (which -originally- were not included) can be ordered separately (!)
Customer Support is included in the piece price! Contact us before order !

The Super Manifestation X Programfor PCs

Supermanifestation Radionics Program
479,90 €
With hundreds of 'Filters & -magickal- Symbols' (!)
Contact us before order !!!

AoD 48 - The Alphabet of Desire

Filter Packs & -Magickal- Symbols | Accessories to the LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipments (Chi Generators & Orgone Generators) Alphabet of Success | Alphabet of Desire | Accessories to the LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipments (Chi Generators & Orgone Generators) Filter Packs -Magickal- Symbols
Price: 79,00 €  69,00 €

AoS 56 - The Alphabet of Success

Price: 89,00 €  79,00 €

Chakra Symbol Pack

Price: 7,90 €

    - see also the other -more than 30!- different Symbols & Filter Packs »»   

Filter Packs & Symbols

Download information will be sent in a separate email in max. 48 hours after purchase!

AoD: Alphabet of Desire (AoD Pack)
Classic: 63 €
New: 69 €
Both Packs (Classic & New): 132 €  99 €

: Sex Pack
Classic (24): 24,90 €
New (20): 33,90 €
Both (Classic & New): 58,80 €  49,90 €

: Stress Zapper & Energy Booster Pack
Classic (24): 24,90 €
New (20): 33,90 €
Both (Classic & New): 58,80 €  49,90 €

: Super Learning & Intelligence Pack
Classic (24): 24,90 €
New (20): 33,90 €
Both (Classic & New): 58,80 €  49,90 €

BMP: Business Money Pack
Classic (24): 24,90 €
New (20): 33,90 €
Both (Classic & New): 58,80 €  49,90 €

LP: Legal Pack
Classic (24): 24,90 €
New (20): 33,90 €
Both (Classic & New): 58,80 €  49,90 €

PSP: People Skills Pack
Classic (24): 24,90 €
New (20): 33,90 €
Both (Classic & New): 58,80 €  49,90 €

GP: Gambling Pack
Classic (24): 24,90 €
New (20): 33,90 €
Both (Classic & New): 58,80 €  49,90 €

ATD: Attack & Defense Pack -- 33,90 €
New (20): $39.00

Classic Packs: All Eight Classic Packs -- 237,30 €  199,00 €
New Packs: All Nine New Packs -- 340,20  299,00 €

: Astrology-Pack -- 33,90 €

ADM 20: ADM-Pack with House Disk -- 33,90 €

Chakra : Seven Chakras Card Set -- 16,90 €

Feng Shui: FengShui-Plus Card Set -- 33,90 €

I-Ching: I-Ching Card Set -- 33,90 €

Runes: The Runes Card Set -- 33,90 €

Tarot: The Tarot Card Set -- 33,90 € / set
Major Arcana:

Icon Symbols & Filter Packs

Creat: The Creativity Icon Card Set (11) -- 15,90 €

AoS: The Alphabet of Success Icon Card Set (56) -- 79,90 €

W & F: The Weightloss & Fitness Icon Card Set (28) -- 19,90 €  16,90 €

Magickal symbols packs


The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage 20 pack x 8,90 =  178,00 €
Can be ordered by packs...
33,90 €
Grimorium Verum
33,90 €
7,90 €
Infernal Tarot
59,00 €
Germanic Gods
24,90 €
16,90 €
Shinto Talismans
69,00 €
7,90 €
Available as downloads (packed in .zip packages)!

Order different and correspondent symbol & filter packages for your purpose and to your needs, send email for special discount and different package & symbols combination...
Check also the 'Radionics Manifestation Programs' which have already containing some of the Symbols packages... (!)
Contact us also if you need any special symbol, and could not find it in one of our package...

Special -specific- Frequencies

Available as downloads (.mp3 OR .wav format zipped file)! Download information will be sent in a separate email in max. 48 hours after purchase was made!



Special Frequency CD's | chi energy for the mind
17,90 €

Love Magic

Special Frequency CD's | Chi energy CD
17,90 €

Fitness & Weigh Loss

Special Frequencies | freq
17,900 €

Special specific Frequencies

Recommended to be used together with ANY Life Energy & Life Force Equipments or with one of the Radionics Manifestation Programs (the RI 2400 / Classic Manifestation Program and the Super Manifestation X Radionics Program in .wav format or the Manifestation Ultimate in .mp3 format).
All 3: 49,00 €

Life Energy & Life Force Equipments Special Accessories

Chi Vitality Card/ Chi Energy Card(s)

Powerful & continuous flow of Chi- (Life)Energy & Vitality for you, -directly- in your pocket and / or billfold; at the best & lowest price! This is Your personal Vitality Chi Card! »» next




chi vitality card
Subscription: € 9,69  6,9 € / month
(Renews until you cancel)

  yellowball Chi Vitality Card

now -also- on your computer, tablet & 'smart phone' / mobile phone !

* Chi Vitality Card(s) will be sent by email.
** Let us know the name you would like to have on the Chi Vitality Card.

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yellowball Chi Vitality Card™ #3
Chi Vitality Card | LifeEnergy & LifeForce
hellblau valid- and active 3 months: $20.07  18,90 € + for free; one / any -magickal- symbol at your choice
ONLY in this month!
yellowball Chi Vitality Card™ #6
Chi Vitality Card | LifeEnergy & LifeForce
hellblau valid- and active 6 months: 36,90 €

More powerful?
Yes, things get happening, but not exactly as I wished. Do I need another, but powerful one? Which one you recommend? And yes, with the PBT 2400 I felt increased energy.
Olle (Göteborg, Sverige / Sweden)


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