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The role and function of Life Energy & Life Force (Chi, Ki, Prana, Mana, Magnetic Fluid, Od, Orgone, Vril, BioEnergy, etc.) in Magick & TechnoMagick

just to sum it all up... 

. Radionics is based on equivalent structural links.
Same is Magick (Life Force Magick or Techno-Magick).

You can study Welz's "Magick of the Future" course to gain more insights about structural links.

2. The radionic settings (rates) that you establish with the stick pad, pendulum, or any other method, establish structural links either to a target and to a trend.
Life Force & Life Energy (chi, qi, ki, prana, mana, od, orgone, vioenergy, etc.) -inter-connects the two.

The rates are structural representations (abstractions) of the specific action upon the target and of the target.

One link reduces the connection with specific trend energy to near-zero.
The other link reduces the connection to the target to near-zero.
  The result is that the connection between trend energy and target is reduced to near-zero.

The stronger the field of life force& life energy, the stronger is the connection between trend energy and target.

3. For Life Energy & Life Force (chi, ki, prana, mana, od, orgone, bioenergy, etc.) transfer,

4. Therefore, the strength of the transfer and the speed with which the desired effect takes place depends in the main on the strength of the life force & life energy field that surrounds the radionics device and the magickal operation!

This is an important fact of which most radionics practitioners are unaware.(!)

What they know is that some people are more "gifted" than others.
We -and now you also- know that the person who is capable of generating life energies and directing it (consciously or non-consciously) to the radionics device is more powerful than the person who simply sets the rates.

5. In a magickal sense, the radionics device is a universal sigil.
Its rate determines the nature and the effect of a magickal energy, or "entity" such as an angel, deva, spirit, or genius.

6. With an adequate and continuous supply of life force & life energy, the radionics device is superior to most traditional magickal operations and it is certainly more flexible and easier to manage.

7. Ideally you can ensure a continuous supply of life energy & life force with a LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipment powered with- and boosted by Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®, or with a system of LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments powered with- and boosted by Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators® (such as the ATG 5 / RAD 5 and the ATG 12 / ATGS 12000 or three RAD 2400 HD's).

8. The astrological zodiac constitutes a natural radionics device of cosmic proportions.(!)

Its "rates" are set by planetary positions.
There is nothing on this planet to which there is no structural link to that large radionics system.

It is the life energy & life force of the Solar system (the Universe) that provides the structural transfer of astrological energies that are responsible for trends.
The nature of this device can give us insights into the laws of time itself !

9. You can design any astrological chart, put it in the radionics device and establish a rate that represents the energies of this chart.

The rate that you establish this way either represents a person who has this specific horoscope or a transit, or both.
Ideally, of course, you can use the ATG 12 / ATGS 12000 Astro Trend Generating System, a specially built system of Life Energy & Life Force Equipment powered with & boosted by Vitality Generators; Chi Generators® & Orgone Generator® to generate any trend of your liking!

For this purpose it is irrelevant whether or not astrology works as a divinatory system.

10. When the radionics rate represents a person, you can use it to act upon him or her at a distance.

rad2400hd In this case, it is good to have an additional structural connection such as the name of the person in question, a photo, etc.
A second radionics device or a second setting such as the two settings of the RAD 2400 HD will establish an astrological transit or any other trend energy that you send to help this person.

LifeEnergy & LifeForce generator Equipments  RAD 2400 HD Life Energy & Life Force Equipment; Orgone Boosted Chi Power Radionics Device (and Chi Mind Machine in same time) with 3 + 3 knobs for the radionics settings and 2 knobs for frequency setting (6 pre-setted fix frequency, plus option for continuous settings between appr. 0.5 and 500 Hz), with Stainless Steal wells and Stick Pad of Orgonite & Super-Orgonite

Besides the Hyper Space approach ("distance is a result of structural difference") there exist several theories that attempt to describe the mind-boggling effects of radionics, astrology, and magick.
These theories cover a wide range of speculation such as a holographic approach, frequencies, "soft" electrons, lots of "ethers," morphic fields, inner planes and higher planes. None of them can explain, as we did, in EASY terms some of the key functions of radionics nor did they lead to new basic facts or to significant new technology.
Of a theory to be of use, I expect that it is as simple as possible, that it is comprehensive, and that it leads effortlessly to new basic facts and to new technology.

Magick is action -usually, at a distance- that uses life energy & life force and structural links. (!!)

Seen in this context, radionics is magick that uses technological devices (such as computer programs and black boxes / radionic devices) as universal structural links that you can tune to any desired trend and/or target.

          this exciting new technology that can mean for you the difference between average results and TOTAL SUCCESS !

This web site delivers extremely powerful applications of a new technology.
This certainly is exciting news for all who are practicing magick of any kind, including traditional methods (ceremonial magick, voodoo, shamanism, wicca, santeria, religion-based methods, etc.) as well as more recent methods that are inherently magickal , such as radionics, motivational techniques, self improvement, and -Silva- mind control.

You can also safely call this extremely powerful new technology the ultimate unfair advantage!
Unfair, because spiritual training and intitation become secondary, as far as success of your magickal operations is concerned.

This new technology is extraordinary, because it opens up for you a whole new world of magickal powers that will leave you entranced, enlightened, and empowered.
You will actually be equipped with what is certainly the most potent technology of effective magical impact !

For you, this can well be the first time that learning about a technology will not only be useful, but used.
It will be a natural step in the right direction of the success that you were striving to achieve in the past.

In the following, you will find an amazingly powerful new technology to boost your magical performance to the max.
It is here that you can probe the deepest in your journey to the top.

We are going to lay out this exciting new technology for you so that you can gain immediate evidence, from where you will proceed step by step to an increasingly deeper grasp of its far reaching new magical applications!

Here you can find an easy and very effective way to help you improve all your prospects for the future.
It is specifically designed to provide you with powerful means to enhance your performance in all areas of your life, especially those that you feel need to be strengthened.

Whatever the line of your work or field of endeavor is, be it business, politics, high performance sports, education, volunteering, spiritual matters, or anything else, the highly effective magickal equipment from us is designed for a great many uses (please see the "Applications"), while providing successful outcome whenever you use it appropriately.

Now you certainly can take your destiny into the best possible hands: your own!

It's easy, it's exciting, and you certainly can be laid back and relax while you expect assured success!

Vital Life Energy
& Life Force
               in PowerMagick & LifeForce Magick & Techno-Magick

First let's explore a few basic facts concerning life force & life energy, and life energy technology.

According to Wilhelm Reich, orgone energy (as he called life force & life energy) is a primordial cosmic energy.
It is universally present and it can be demonstrated visually, thermically, electroscopically and by means of Geiger-Mueller counters.

In the living organism:
bio-energy, life energy, life force, chi energy, personal magnetism, prana.

Most people can actually feel this energy without prior training. You can get the evidence of this in our free on-line transfer test.

As far as we can look back in history, humans have been using life force & life energy for many purposes.
This use of life force was result of practical experience.
In fact, the use of life force & life energy is a characteristic of all living beings!

A basic characteristic of all living beings (and of life itself) is interaction with the environment.
A set of signals (internal or external) pass through various levels of abstraction that eventually lead to some form of action.

Typically, a wealth of perceptions are streamlined into fewer abstractions.
In humans, this process is generalization.
With evolution, the capability of sensory perception increased as did the complexity of abstracion processes.

Some form of life energy & life force "technology" can be observed in most animals.
A good example are various species of moths and butterflies that, according to some folks, "smell" the "scent" of a female even when it is miles away.
At such huge distances a chemical scent would be thinned out to an extent that there are simply no longer any molecules of the original substance in the small air-samples surrounding the moth.
A high-school kid could calculate that there is virtually no molecule of that scent at a distance of a couple of miles; yet some "scientists" still prattle about the moth "smelling" the other! Perhaps it would be good for those folks to take a course in elemental math!

As you will find out soon, this type "ESP" can be easily explained as a function based on the structural transfer characteristics of life energy & life force.

+ Action at a Distance

The purpose of Magick and Techno-Magick is to help you in all aspirations to acquire the good things in life: power, wisdom, knowledge, success in business and personal relations, peace of mind, and many more.

We are going to show you here that the use of magick for your success is much easier than you ever have been conditioned to think.

It is an easy way to understand technology that is accessible to every person who has the will and the open mind to do so.

Furthermore, we are going to show you that the technology of magick makes use of life force & life energy (chi, ki, prana, mana, od, orgone, bioenergy, etc.) and structural links (structural connections) to generate specific trends, i.e., to generate inclination, motivation and action towards envisioned goals.

You can generate such trends for yourself as well as for others.
We are going to show you here how this works and how you can use this technology to put you on the road towards your personal success.

Being one of the first technologies of humankind, life force & life energy naturally became part of humans' religious creeds and religion-based magick, very similar to the use of fire, the making of metals, and natural phenomena.
Consequently the practical application of life force & life energy was linked closely to the religion of the culture where it was used.

Moreover, whenever certain applications of life force such as magickal operations were successful, such success was mistakenly considered to be proof of the religious belief system of the practitioner.
Oddly enough, even in our otherwise enlightened times there are still traditions out there whose faithful followers claim to be the only true guardians of life force & life energy and its many applications.

Although they may claim differently, you will find out soon that many "academic" scientists and pop-scientists belong to that same category of humans, if you take the time to analyze the stuff that they utter.
This is so, because most of them were incapable of removing their thinking from the religious ideologies that defined their interaction with the environment originally during their process of education.

Conclusion: Magick is Action At The Distance !

Life Energy
& Life Force | Technologies of the Past

Human beings have acquired much of their knowledge of the universe as a result of experience that they gained when handling energies that were invisible to their eyes.
To handle energies that are not visible is an important characteristic of the human species.
Obviously this characteristic is the result of the human capability to abstract.

The practice of magick (a form of life energy & life force based technology, see the course of Mr. Welz: "Magick of the Future") with its theories (usually obscured in religious creeds), formulas, and rituals is no doubt one of the oldest human ways of handling invisible energy and of having impact upon the environment and, of course, on other human beings.

It was this continuous probing into what is beyond the scope of everyday experience, which eventually has led humankind to modern technologies and to modern concepts of space-time.

For instance, the knowledge (and speculations) of the laws that govern electromagnetic energies is at the basis of practically all contemporary theories of the universe, from descriptions of majestic galaxies all the way to sub atomic physics.

Visible light is but a small section of the large spectrum of electromagnetic vibrations.
Most of this electromagnetic spectrum is invisible.

Analysis of the concepts of visible light and the expansion of these concepts led to knowledge of the electromagnetic energy and its many applications in modern technologies: from power plants to computers and space craft.

We can explain most of the phenomena of heat, acoustics, chemical reactions, etc., as being expressions of electromagnetic energy.

There is another energy that humans have worked with for as long as they have roamed this planet.
We cannot see it as easily as we can see visible light nor can we feel it as markedly as heat or electricity, yet humans could sense its presence very well and they have learned methods to generate and to direct it already eons ago.

From this knowledge they developed practices and technologies to help them deal with their inner and outer environments.

This energy is life energy (or life force, chi, ki, prana, mana, od, orgone, bioenergy, etc.).

It is everywhere around us just the same way as electromagnetic energy is all around us.
In other words, we are living in an ocean of energy of both life force and electromagnetic waves.

Throughout history, life force & life energy has received many names.

People of ancient India called it Prana.
The practices of pranayama and yoga evolved from the knowledge of prana.

The ancient Chinese called it Chi.
The practices of Tai Chi and Chi Kung developed from this knowledge.

The Polynesians called the mysterious life force & life energy; Mana.
They derived from it the practices of Kahuna.

Most religious practices contain elements of releasing and using life force & life energy for many purposes, such as meeting environmental challenges, healing, and developing favorable outcomes of human endeavors.
Very often, these methods are concealed in religious ceremonials.

Practitioners of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Yoga generated life energy & life force within themselves.
So did magicians (shamans, conjurers, priests, etc.) of various religious backgrounds.

Other methods consisted in building up strong emotional forces in a group (think of charismatic church meetings), walking and dancing in circles (also used by many religious groups) and animal sacrifice.

The latter is an effective, yet very primitive and crude, form of releasing life force that is practiced by many religious groups.
We know of more than 20 passages in the Bible in which the Lord tells his followers how to correctly sacrifice animals.
In fact, if the animal ends up as a roast, this method of butchering is a lot more humane than the horrors that are practiced in your friendly neighborhood slaughterhouse!

& LifeForce  |  The Scientific Approach

Practitioners in the West used many words for life energy:
animal magnetism (Mesmer), Solar ether (Korschelt et al.), Od (Baron Karl von Reichenbach), orgone (Reich), psychic energy (magicians), eloptic energy (Dr. Galen Hieronymus), personal magnetism, and many more.

Franz Anton Mesmer

One of the first pioneers of a scientific approach to an understanding of life force was Franz Anton Mesmer, a physician from Stuttgart, Germany, who lived two centuries ago.
He studied and practiced medicine in Vienna, the same city where Wilhelm Reich studied under Freud a bit more than a century later.

Eventually he moved to Paris.
Mesmer experimented with life force & life energy, which he called animal magnetism. In our days, his followers use the word "personal magnetism."

Franz Anton Mesmer´s scientific approach to and understanding of life force led him to the invention of an accumulator of life force & life energy !

Franz Anton Mesmer´s accumulator of animal magnetism was a wooden barrel that was filled with iron filings.
His patients held on to iron rods that were immersed in the iron filings.

Having studied in Vienna with Freud and his studies included hypnotism, Wilhelm Reich certainly knew the work of Mesmer, of course, whose name appeared as one of its pioneers in practically all publications and books in German language concerning hypnotism!


One century ago, 1897, Korschelt invented a "Solar Ether Radiation Apparatus" that he used for healing purposes.
It was in principle a life force accumulator.

Mr. Karl Hans Welz (the Inventor of Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®) built and tested the rather large (6 ft long) Korschelt device and it worked well.
It is used the same way as Wilhelm Reich's orgone shooter and it has the same effects.

Wilhelm Reich

The more recent life force & life energy (orgone) accumulator that Wilhelm Reich has designed has alternating layers of organic and metallic matter - usually wood, celotex, fibre glass or wool and steel wool.
This is a significant improvement compared to Mesmer's and Korschelt's devices.
Reich called the life energy; Orgone.

Alternating layers increase the capability to accumulate orgone.
Reich had people sit inside the accumulator while Mesmer used iron rods to direct the energy outward.

Karl Hans Welz
® and Orgone Generators® (also; Chi Generators® & Prana Generators®)


Mr. Welz have developed a material that is extremely more effective in accumulating life force & life energy (orgone & chi-energy) than layered arrangements, which he called orgonite®.

Before that, he invented and built the first device in human history that actually generates orgone energy (life force & life energy), the Chi Generator® (Orgone Generator® or Prana Generator®).

He also found out that which magicians and shamans knew all along: namely that life force & life energy (orgone-energy & chi-energy) transfers at any distance instantaneously by way of near-identical structures (he called them "structural links" - please see the Structural Link theory).

The on-line transfer test of life force & life energy that you can perform is proof of this fact.

Furthermore, in December 1996 he succeeded in sending signals accross the Atlantic from machine to machine (with no human sensor at all), using life force & life energy only.
As expected, no amplifying device was needed either.
In fact, he solved the problem of signal transfer machine-to-machine with life force as a carrier medium three years earlier, when he sent signals "locally" at a distance of a mere 20 miles.

As a natural consequence of the structural transfer capabilities of vital life force & life energy:

if you want to energize your body with life force or life energy, you need not sit inside the large multi-layered contraption of an orgone box, nor need you hold on to iron rods (personally we would prefer that to sitting inside a box), all you need is a small structural link such as a transfer disk (ex: TC 99) that connects you with an LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments powered with- and boosted by Orgone Generators® & Prana Generators® & Chi Generators®.

In fact, you just need is a small structural link from a transfer couple, such as a transfer disk, that connects you with your LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments and orgone generator & chi generator.

With that disk on yourself, it does not matter at all if you are sitting in front of the LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments with Chi Generator® & Orgone Generator®, if you are a few miles away, or if you are half around the globe!

The structural transfer characteristic of orgone-energy & chi (life force & life energy) is also the reason why you can direct life force mentally - see instructions and practices in the course "Magick of the Future", and you can get direct evicence of this fact by following the instructions of our FREE on-line Transfer TEST.

Most humans of our times are unaware of the existence of life force & life energy, let alone of the natural laws governing it.
Many of the people who know, on the other hand, have been indoctrinated with very restrictive, religion-based, views and rules concerning life force & life energy.

Until now, the knowledge of how to generate life force and how to consciously harness life force & life energy for success was kept from the common people.
Every shepherd's intent was to have as large a flock of sheep as possible.

Up... :: Life Force & Life Energy

Power Magick
™ & LifeForce Magick™ & Techno-Magick™ | What can do for You

By now you know that, with the use of the life force technology (Orgone Technology, the Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®), you can open the door to a new, successful and happy life!
A bit of training and practice will be needed, of course.

Then, within a relatively short time, generally within just a couple of weeks, you will and can be much more capable of achieving success of which you have not even have dared to dream yet.
And, in addition to that, you can also experience positive effects such as physical stamina, energy management, and relaxation, right from the beginning.

Life can be truly successful and enjoying, provided that you seize the opportunities it offers.
Now certainly is the time to start something that will be quite possibly the greatest adventure in your successful life with the technology of chi & orgone boosted magick (techno - magick) and radionics !!

Here we introduce you to the fascinating new technology of Power Magick™ & LifeForce Magick™ & Techno-Magick™ that is based on the Chi Generator® & Orgone Generators®

This generator of life force & life energy comes by itself or as a combination unit with a radionics device: the Power RadionicsDevice.

By itself you can use it as a power source for all of your magickal operations.

In these operations you can include special attachments such as filters, Radionics Programs, or your individual set-ups.
Treasure Mapping, shamanic work, ceremonial magick, talismanic magick and rune magick are examples of such setups.

The New LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments powered by Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®, an Easy and Economical Way to Generate Life Force for Radionics and Magick

With the new LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments powered and boosted with Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators® that is built into your Power Radionics™ device or put onto your magickal set-up, you have now a decisive advantage over any one of these old-time practitioners of magick.
This is powerful Techno-Magick!

Now you have the right technology that can provide your work with a continuous supply of life force & life energy. (!)
None of the traditional shamans or practitioners of magick can draw life force & life energy continuously with their limited means!
No coven can walk in circles and chant at all times, and no follower of the Santeria or Voodoo traditions can kill chicken or goats at all times to supply continuous power to a spell.

The LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments with Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator®) inside the Power Radionics™ Device is the power center of your personal ROAD to SUCCESS, because it supplies strong Life Force & Life Energy continuously!!

Life Force & Life Energy (psychic power, magickal energy, chi, prana, bioenergy, etc.) is now accessible to everybody who has the open mind to use this exciting new technology!
Therefore, to gain a technological EDGE over others is easy.

All that's needed is a structural link (psychic link) such as a hair, photo, or signature, together with a structural setting (rate) on your radionics device) to the target with a representative of the type energy that you intend to send.
Your Equipment (LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipment) does the rest for you at the flip of a switch!

This amazing new magickal radionics technology certainly opens up new dimensions in all types of action at a distance!
It is all you need for powerful impact upon your destiny!

With such powerful equipment (LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipment) in your hands, it does not matter at all if you are fully trained according to some tradition of magick or not.
This is so, because the new Power Magick Technology provides you with a technological edge over any person who does not own this extraordinary equipment.

The Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator® inside the Chi Power Radionics™ device is the new technological solution to the age-old problem of generating permanent positive change !

As a result of the invention of Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®, radionics and magick will never be the same again!

The situation that followed the invention of the Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator® is very much like it was in the old times when cars were beginning to substitute the more traditional ways of transportation such as buggies and horses.

Traditional radionics and magick, from now on out, may be something romantic to do such as is riding in a buggy for a tourist.
It's for the nostalgic person who likes its trappings, its ancient ritual, and the clumsiness of its working!

Naturally, since it is fast results, lasting solutions, and permanent positive change that you want, the use of modern technological equipment is certainly more appropriate for you than walking in circles, chanting barbarisms, and killing chickens!

With Your Chi Power Radionics™ device you have now the tool to outperform any advanced practitioner, magician, or shaman, who does not use this exciting new technology!

The RAD 2400 HD LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipment definitely offers you the ultimate in magickal technology.
You can use this extraordinary device to help you enhance your life now ... and all that at a very competitive price !

In all actuality, by now it is the time for you to take the next natural step:
to acquire a cutting edge magickal technology, based on orgone-boosted power radionics that has an unlimited potential for you now !!

Chi-Generator® & Orgone Generator® -Boosted Magick & Techno-Magick and Chi Power Radionics™ are the great result of exciting new technology that you can effectively use to get an assured technological edge in every day life such as in prosperity and abundance, relationships and sex !

It's easy, it's exciting, and you certainly can be laid back and relax while you expect assured success!


  .     .

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& LifeForce Equipments

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Life Energy & Life Force Equipments
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Power Magick & Life Force Magick & Techno Magick

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Gracias! Roberto (Sevilla, Espana)

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