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Magic of the Future: Psychic Energy

Magic of the Future

Now we have the following question:
How is action at a distance possible and what determines the success of such action?

To find out, we need to compare magical practices that bring results with those that do not work.

The observation of magicians throughout the ages showed that a magical practice fails to bring the expected results for one of two reasons:

  1. There is psychic defense, blockage, or any other interference.
  2. There is insufficient psychic energy raised.

The first point will be the object of a later lesson.
You will learn about psychic defense and how to overcome interference.

The second point calls for further examination.
We want to analyze what magicians do when they practice their art.

Case #1:

An old recipe to heal a person is to pull seven hairs of that person.
Then drill a hole into a vigorous tree and put the seven hairs into the hole.
Then plug the hole with the wood of the same tree. The person will feel better.
Something that represents the target of the action: Seven hairs (with follicles).

The magician does nothing. Is the power with the tree?

Case #2:

A "doctor" fabricates a doll. He puts hair and fingernails, or clothing, of the target into the doll. Then, perhaps at a pre calculated time, he goes to a graveyard and puts the doll into an open grave. The person whom he targets may get sick, perhaps may even die.
Something that represents the target of the action: Hair and Fingernails).

It works even if the magician does not raise a lot of psychic energy, especially if the structural link to the target person is good, such as hair, fingernails, or clothing.

Case #3:

An old recipe against wounds that pus: Take some of the pus out of the wound with a cotton swab and put it into copper sulfate. The wound heals a lot faster.
Something that represents the target of the action: -In this case- No psychic energy is necessary.

The same bacteria that are in the wound.

Case #4:

Set up a ceremonial table with candles, incenses, etc. On a piece of paper draw a square with some letters inside. To the left and to the right sides of the square write the names of the people who should fall in love. Project your own energy into the letter square and the paper. Then burn the paper.
Something that represents the target of the action: The written names and the visual imagination of the people.

This works only if the magician develops and projects a lot of psychic power.

Case #5:

A radionics specialist takes a "black box," or radionics device.
Using a pendulum or the stick pad on the device, she determines the settings of the dials that help in lawsuits. Then she puts the photo of the person whom she helps on the stick pad. She leaves the device "on" until the results show.
Something that represents the target of the action: The Photo of the person.

It seems that trained magicians or strongly emotional persons have quicker success with radionics than others.

Case #6:

In a charismatic church the preacher initiates a prayer to heal in his congregation. The person that he intends to heal is far away.
Something that represents the target of the action: The visual imagination in the mind of the people who send the healing.

In a charismatic setting the emotional power is at a peak.

Magic of the Future: Magic

Magicians of all ages knew of the necessity to develop strong psychic powers, or magical powers, to be successful.

No Life Without Magic!

In Western countries several scientists have established scientific models of this energy.
The models that they developed were in tune with the knowledge of their times.

A scientific model has many advantages.
Above all is the advantage that we can develop new technologies from a good scientific theory.
This fact is as valid for magic as it is valid for chemistry and physics!

Magicians knew all along that life energy is necessary to make their actions work.
They knew "intuitively" about it.

Magicians usually can feel this energy.
On the basis of millennia of experience, they use many practices to develop strong fields of this energy.

These practices include many different methods such as chanting, strong emotional outbursts, group rituals, sex magical practices, religious emotionalism, and animal sacrifice.

Magic of the Future

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