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Equivalent and Near-Identical Links



Karl Hans Welz:

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Magic of the Future: Equivalent and Near-Identical Links

Magic of the Future

In the first lesson you have become familiar with the idea of structural links.

Structural links connected with the target and structures represented the magical action.

In the following we work with the two concepts of identical and equivalent structure, then we practice a few simple experiments.

To get a practical "feel" for what we are telling you is more valuable than a thousand words!

Magic of the Future: Equivalent and Near-Identical Links

It is easy for you to understand the concept of an identical structure.

We have identical structures in case #1 where a hair (ideally with follicle) connects with the person, because the genetic code in the cells of the hair is almost identical to the genetic code in all other cells of the organism from which the hair comes.

Therefore life energy transfers from the hair to all other cells of the organism.

Likewise we have an identical structure in the case of practice #19.

If we limited ourselves just to the concept of identical or near identical structures, we would already have a wealth of technologies at our disposal.

However, experience teaches us that this idea of structure takes on a much wider meaning.

This is quite obvious in the case of the charismatic church.
The visualization of a person shows hardly any structural identity with the person itself.

It's an appearance that our brain cells give us.
This appearance results from memories.
In some way we can say that our memory allows a structural linkage that involves the dimensions of time.

A similar thing happens in case #4, where the names are written down.

Practices #1 and #2:

The structural transfer may be ignored.
Life energy seems to have a capability to stay connected for a while.

Practice #3:

Life energy flow follows mental commands.
Later we will learn that life energy may take on a shape that you "tell it" to take.

In a strong field of life energy you can photograph this shape with any camera such as a Polaroid camera.
You may expand the exercise by commanding the energy bridge to form an arch rather than a straight line.

The fact that you can mentally direct life energy is obvious in cases #4 and #6 of lesson #1.

This capability is possible because life energy transfers through equivalent structural links.

The near identical structure is typically of the same material.

The equivalent structure is of other material.
Clothing that is used in some magical operations to influence people represents a near identical structure, because it contains skin rubbings of the person.
A photo on the other hand is an equivalent structure.

Practices #5 through #14 are all transfers by way of equivalent structures.

Magicians use sometimes the word "symbolic representation" when talking about equivalent structure.
With this they mean something that represents persons, groups, events, or specific magical energies or entities.

An old assumption of magicians is the following:
If you have the true name of something (such as a spirit), then you have control over it.

As a consequence of this hypothesis many magicians have developed mantras of power, i.e., phonetic expressions, that connect with specific entities of with specific action.

Experience has taught magicians how they should call specific energies (entities) to action.
A mantra, or "true name," of course, is an equivalent structure.

Equivalent structures may vary depending on the circumstances, the cultural background, the magical system and the specific symbolism or design system used.

Many of these matrices are "artificial" ones.
That means that humans established them according to their belief systems.
Although such matrices are excellent, they are not an absolute need for magic at large.

Magic of the Future: Equivalent and Near-Identical Links | Zodiac

The zodiac is a good example for a natural matrix.
Its settings (planetary positions) at a specific time determine the characteristics of a human being that is born under these settings.

In a more generalized effect, astrological positions establish a field of connections with energies of a higher order.

This energy field establishes the trends that influence the action of everything in its realm.

The connection of equivalent structures with the target or with an energy of a higher order (spirit, entity, etc.) results sometimes in part from the functioning of our brains.

This is especially true when we use letters of the alphabet or numbers as elements of such an equivalent structure.

Our mind recognizes some object as a general matrix for an equivalent structure (a "universe") and then establishes the specific setting of the matrix that ensures contact with the target.

From a technological point of view, we have available a wide spectrum of equivalent structures that range from pure visualization or imagining (mental images) over the making of sigils, the use of natural structural links such as incenses, oils and herbs, all the way to the near identical structural links.

It seems that if, with our minds, we decide that something represents the universe - or that we declare something as symbolizing the universe (or the totality of our environment), then we can devise partial systems of it that represent the elements of this universe.

For instance if we decide that the radionic box represents the human body, then we can determine a system of settings (the radionics term for setting is rate) that represent the various parts and sub systems of the body.

Equivalent structures are the result of conventions.
The capability of our minds to generate psychic linkage may be at the root of the functioning of equivalent structures.

On the other hand we can get a good linkage with a near identical structure (such as a hair) and then develop a system of equivalent structures (rates) for the body from which the hair is coming and its specific systems.
If we do not have the linkage of the hair, then the setting for the liver may also bring in zodiacal energies that correlate to the liver (Jupiter energies in this case).

Magic of the Future

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