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Laws of Structural Links



Karl Hans Welz:

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Magic of the Future: Laws of Structural Links

Magic of the Future

1. The Basic Principle of Magical Transfer and their Technological Use:

Distance is a result of structural differences.

This means, in other words:
The flow of life energies follows similar structures.

In practical application:
If you have two identical designs, chi (life energy) can flow between the two designs.

2. If you take an object that was part of a person such as hair, you can establish a bridge of energy with that person:

This is so because the genetic code that you find in a hair cell is identical to the genetic code of all other cells of the body of that person.
The use of hair, fingernails, blood, or similar things resulted from experience.

3. We can direct life energy with our mind:

This is so because our mind can generate structures. If we visualize a person to whom we send life energy, we generate in our mind a structure that's similar to that person. This structure connects with the target person and a flow of energy to that person becomes possible.

4. Equivalent Structures:

Equivalent structures are not near identical.
They result from determining a well-specified frame of reference as a "universe" for a specific set of effects, energies, or individuals. Individual settings of this frame of reference determine to what event, effect, energy, or individual, the now modified frame of reference connects.

5. Equivalent Structures in Nature:

Nature gives us a wide variety of examples of what we call equivalent structures.
In each of these cases you can use one system to determine characteristics of the other.

The way to determine these characteristics is the result of research into the specifics of the equivalent structure, statistical comparison, and development of models that make translation possible.

Good examples are iridology (for diagnosis and to tell about characteristics of the person, even to foretell future trends), foot- and hand reflexology, ear acupuncture, and astrology.

In the latter the zodiac and heavenly bodies take the aspect of a large radionics device.
The astrological zodiac is a naturally occurring frame of reference.
It compares to a huge radionics box that connects with everything on this planet.

We can not set the "dials" of our planetary system, but we have other ways of using this radionics device of cosmic proportions.
We can calculate in advance the positions of the elements of this radionics box, the planets.
Then we can determine the kinds of zodiacal energies that connect with any given individual at any given time.
After we determined the nature of the zodiacal energies we can interpret them as trends that are valid for the individual.

6. Artificial Equivalent Structures:

There are several symbolism's and devices that humans have developed to be equivalent structures.

Whenever our mind determines something to reflect a "universe," i.e., a system that we perceive as closed such as a human being, we can use it as a symbolism that we can use to represent equivalent structures.

In such cases the map becomes a structural link to the territory it has the potential to describe.

The tree of life is one such device.
Other frames of reference are symbolism's of any kind, notably alphabets, Enochian tablets, and mythologies.

The radionic device is a more recent development of a frame of reference that allows the establishing of equivalent structures.
It is well known that the wiring diagram of a radionics type device establishes a structural link in the same way the radionics device itself does.

If you regard this phenomenon in the light of structural links, you have no problem understanding its reason.

We can use artificial equivalent structures to connect with specific energies of a higher order (such as zodiacal energies) which we can then use to generate specific trends.
If we connect such a generated trend with a structural link to a person we can influence the trends that this person experiences, i.e., we can modify the "destiny" of the person.

The nature of the cosmic frame of reference, the zodiac, gave rise to a new technology:
We have developed a frame of reference that, with specific settings, can connect with the system of cosmic zodiacal energies.
This allows us to generate any trend of our liking that we can then project to any target of our liking.

We can use artificial equivalent structures for readings and for practical magic.

The fact that a specific artificial equivalent structure is extremely useful and can be applied universally does not mean that this structure "is" the universe.

Such nonsense compares to saying that a map is the territory it represents or our language is the universe.

The success of specific magical mappings leads quite often to such assumptions.
In the cases where the impact of the mapping is on specific psychological characteristics of the human species and where it fits smoothly some of the existing mechanisms of socio-economic suppression, religions are born.

From the preceding follows that religion is a result of magical technology that was misinterpreted by primitive humans!

To Establish A System Of Artificial Equivalent Structures To Anything Including HOE (High Order Energies) Of The Universe, You Can Take Any Set Of Elements, Arrange Them In A Specific Manner And Assign Specific Symbolic Values And Meanings To The Elements And The Way The Elements are Arranged.

Determining Factors For The Overall Success Are Flexibility And Symbolic Adjustment To The "Universe" That The Equivalent Structures Relates To.

The Model That We Make Of The Universe Is A Determiming Factor

Some of the artificial equivalent structures are true symbolisms while others are simply arrays of symbols.

In a true symbolism the structure of the set is important.
The position of each element of the symbolism in relation to all others is of significance.

Where such a relation is not present, we speak of an array of symbols.

It is irrelevant whether you "channel" the system of artificial equivalent structures (as is the case with the Enochian system of magic) or feel it as mythology or develop it logically.

Most channeled AES (artificial equivalent structures) are arrays rather than true symbolisms.
The process of the technological evolution of the symbolism remains the same in any of the cases, channeled and logically developed or mythological.

Furthermore it is important to realize the following:
that an artificial equivalent structure is comprehensive (i.e., there is nothing that you could not apply it for) does not imply that we could not establish infinite many other such systems.

Too many good metaphysicist fell into the trap of accepting some specific system as the "only truth" just because it proved to be comprehensive.

A useful map is not a god! The tree of life is not the universe. A mandala is not "all there is to know."

On this place we want to remind the eager traditional magician of something important:
What we said above shows clearly that the "mystery school approach" is a thing of the past, if not ridiculous.

The two extremes on a spectrum that includes artificial and natural equivalent structures are the following:
The radionics box on one end reflects total flexibility with no inherent "content" or structural linkage, when "off."

The other end of the spectrum sees the genetic code.
The genetic code is all structural linkage with no flexibility.

The radionics box allows transfer to anything, but it takes work to adjust it.
The genetic code allows transfer to the equal genetic code first and foremost.

If the person who is targeted in such a way puts up a block then the transfer occurs naturally to the genetic code that is most similar.
This characteristic puts some burden on a magician as far as shielding is concerned.

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