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Magic of the Future: Conclusion

Magic of the Future

For the magician of the future it is important to choose a valid set of a magical hierarchy.

Such choice needs not to be a one time commitment as demanded by religious systems.

Quite to the contrary, the magician of the future knows well that a specific magical hierarchy is but one way of classifying the energies of the universe.

Therefore it is useful for the magician of the future to acquaint him/herself with as many sets of equivalent structures as possible.
This will give the magician a wide variety of choices of access to the energies of the universe.

Practice #35:

Magic of the Future: SunUsing the radionics device and a photograph of your room (ex: Polaroid) develop the "mantra" to access a specific point of your choice.
Then, with the same method, establish the mantra that connects with energies of the Sun.
Then go ahead and chant both mantras while your partner checks the area in the room for energy.

Practice #36:

Using a synthesizer and the stick pad of a radionics device to establish the sound pitch or chord first of a location or target and then of an energy.
Do the same thing as described in practice #35, but have the synthesizer play the sounds.

Practice #37:

Get a structural link with a location or target with the synthesizer, then use a magical square to represent a planetary energy that you send to the location or target.

Magic of the Future

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Mikkel (Odense, Denmark)

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Date: 26.10.2021
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