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Karl Hans Welz:

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Magic of the Future: Equivalent Structures & Higher Order Energies (HOE)

Magic of the Future

In this- and the following lessons we are going to introduce you to mappings of the universe that help you establish useful equivalent structures for any magical work that you perform.

These mappings relate to actual structures in our universe.

When we use the word 'universe' we mean much more than what the academic physicist think the universe is. We mean something that reaches beyond the universe of time-space.

In the previous lessons I have referred to energies of a higher order (HOE's) several times.
When we say HOE, we mean with it any action or trend that operates beyond the realms of electromagnetic energy and life energy.

In our practical work with many models that describe these energies we found that the astrological model is one of the most useful mappings of these energies.
This is so because the astrological model reflects a cosmic structure after which life on this planet is fashioned.

When working with HOE's, it is also good that you come to some understanding of the zero point energy.
This is the realm of what some metaphysicist call "chaos."

The zero is not a nothing but it is a balance of forces that results in zero.

Some researchers use the term "tachyonic" when they refer to chaos.

If you "disturb" that balance then you "create" something.
The interpretation of several phenomena makes this mapping of chaos a very useful one.

Energies of a higher order (HOE's) have specific characteristics that pertain to what metaphysicist call "higher planes."

We can see and measure their effects.
Many of these energies have a characteristic to personify.

With this we mean that these energies can appear to us as persons.
This characteristic has to do with our own structure.

Personification of HOE's, therefore, has a subjective value that encompasses all of mankind.
Because of this characteristic to personify, magicians of old times spoke of spirits, gods, and the like when referring to HOE's.

This animistic approach has many advantages.
Above all you can create mythological systems that talk about interaction of gods, adventures of god-like heroes and the like in order to speak of psychological processes and other things that are abstract.

The mapping that follows is in close leaning to the ancient gods of the zodiac and to the classical "four elements."

It is a description, or mapping, of the higher planes that has proven to be very useful.

We suggest that you explore the realms that we are going to describe and that you develop your practices in using these energies.

Magic of the Future

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