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Protection in the Work with Energies



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Magic of the Future: Protection in the Work with Energies

Magic of the Future

In the previous lessons you have learned the scientific basis of magical technology.

What you learned concerns in the main the principles of directing trends, or action, at any target, be it far away or not.
These principles are life energy and structural links.

In lesson four we have shown you the basics of energies of a higher order (HOE) and of magical hierarchies in which these energies are ordered.

We have also pointed out how to establish structural links with elements ("spirits") of these magical hierarchies.

The term "spirit" evolved because most of these energies of a higher order (HOE) can personify and as such interact with the practicing magician.

If the magician proceeds to give the energy sufficient etheric matter (life energy) then the energy of a higher order manifests as an entity that the magician can perceive and even photograph.

To call in a spirit means then to condense a specific trend to the extent that it manifests.
Such an entity has its own way of action and the magician needs to learn methods of controlling them.

This compares well to the control of energies on the material plane such as electricity and life energies.

Here too, the technician has to follow certain rules in order to keep from being hurt.

The control of energies of finer densities has to be within their realms:
on the astral and mental planes.

If the magician lacks the skill of proper protection and control, the success of the magical operation may be in question.

If the spirit is well defined and the energy field of manifestation relatively weak, there is no big need for protective measures.
In such a case however the desired effect will come relatively slowly.

Protective measures and control measures have to be set in motion in the planes where the energies are active.

Magicians of the past called this process the process of establishing authority over the sprit world.

They devised several methods for establishing authority.
These methods included personal training as well as the use of structural links that represent energies that control the spirits.

A simple practice of burning incense can establish a structural link to protective measures.

In the following we are guiding you through several protective measures.

Practice #38: Establishing a Circle of Protection

Magic of the Future: Protection in the Work with Energies | Establishing a Circle of Protection

Practice #38A
: Exploring the evocative meaning of a symbol

Do the following exercise:

Lay out a circle of about 5 to 7ft (appr. 1.5 to 2.5 m) diameter on the floor.
You may draw the circle with a piece of chalk or simply use a rope that you lay down in the shape of a circle.

Then blank your mind, if you can do this, and look (without interference of thoughts, or words) at this circle that you lay out on the floor.

Now notice the impressions that you get. Perhaps write them down.

Your next step is to enter the circle.
First sit down in the center of the circle.
Again blank your mind and take notes.

Then stand up.
Slowly turn around until you are back to your original position. Carefully note your impressions.

What you have done is an attempt to tune into the meaning of symbols without interference of thought that would assign a meaning logically.

This was an exercise in primary abstraction in which you get sensory meaning before words come in.
This is a very basic experience of living beings.

From feelings that you get this way you can derive powerful methods in magic, because such experience touches on levels that are not easily accessible to conscious thought, but nevertheless very active in human life.

Metaphysicists say that the circle refers to the universe, to completeness, and to protection.

If you did your previous exercise right, you have noticed that there other significance to the circle:
significance of a magical nature that you cannot easily express with words, but which nevertheless are very real.

With the previous exercise you have begun to touch the realms of creation.

As a conclusion we can say the following:
When we work with a symbol, the first that comes into our minds is a logical interpretation of the symbol.

In the case of a circle this is enclosure, protection, a whole system, the universe, etc.

The second meaning of the symbol is experience that you can derive as a result of primary abstraction.
Primary abstraction is abstraction that works with the sensory apparatur without the interference of words.
The second set of meanings of the circle is of an evocative nature.

Magic of the Future: Protection in the Work with Energies | Rhune Symbols

You may do the practice that we described above with any other symbol.

An ideal set of symbols for that purpose are the Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes.

This Runic system is a symbolism that is mainly evocative.
The energies of these symbols touch on the creative levels. Therefore they have a minimum of definitions.

Practice #38B: Setting up a Circle of Protection

Lay out your circle on the floor.

Now you do the following:
While projecting life energy into the rope you build a wall of life energy that has the rope as a base.

Feel the wall or have your partner feel it.

Now you shape the wall into a bubble that extends also beneath the circle.
Feel the wall from the inside and from the outside.

This an exercise only.
Considering the fact that life energy transmits thorough hyper spaces a wall of life energy in three dimensional space is totally ineffective.

However it is the concept of protection that the drawing of circles and the erection of walls signify.

Based on this extended concept you are capable of expanding the effect of the sphere into serving as a protection.

The actual protection becomes a sphere that extends into hyper space and that cuts off any life energy based transmission.

Most humans are incapable of actually visualizing hyper spaces.
However, use of the sphere or circle as a symbol gives sufficient protection in most cases.

Magic of the Future: Protection in the Work with Energies | Establishing a Sphere of Protection

You may have heard of lots of methods of how to structure protective spheres.

These methods cover a wide range including white light, mirror systems, and other new-agey pop-scientific mathematical concepts.

A skilled hyper space mathematician will penetrate any and all of these shields with no problem at all.

However it is useful to begin somewhere.
The circle of protection that you have set up just now is a good protection for the work with most energies.
This is so because the concept of the circle carries a lot of evocative meaning.

Therefore we stressed the preliminary exercise of exploring the evocative dimension of the circle.

Repeat this exercise again, this time with your experiences with the bubble, or sphere, in mind.
Then set up a new bubble.

A circle represents also emptiness.
The interior of the three dimensional sphere in which you stand does not allow material manifestation of entities.
It's a sphere of exclusion.

Manifesting entities have to be outside this sphere.
To be more thorough you may need to extend the sphere into additional spatial dimensions.
This would add distance to the protection.

Practice #39: Confining the energy into a triangle or mirror

In the previous practice you have learned to keep an energy out of something.

One of the functions of an empty circle is the removal of any material point where an energy could manifest.

The practice that we are describing here has the opposite goal.

It is the creation of an atmosphere that makes it easy for an energy of a higher order to manifest.

This practice is also helping to confine the energy inside a well defined realm.

Once the energy is made to manifest and well confined you have a reservoir from which you can project the energy at any target.

While the circle represents emptiness, the triangle allows manifestation.

A triangle that you extend into space naturally becomes a tetrahedron, or three sided pyramid with a base.
This is an excellent representation of structure in a three dimensional space.

Magic of the Future: Protection in the Work with Energies | Establishing a Pyramid of Protection

Practice #39A: Build a Triangle.

As in practice #38A, determine the three corners of the triangle.
Then project life energy to form a pyramid above the triangle.

Next you project life energy inside the pyramid.

Use the drawing and projecting method that you learned in lesson #2 or use a Welz Generator® (LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipment®).

The Welz Generator® works best if you have already put a charge inside the triangle before you switch it on. Feel the energy of the triangle.

Practice #39B: Charge a Mirror

Do the same practice as above by projecting energy into a mirror.
It is good to have the mirror positioned inside a triangle.

Both practices, the circle and the triangle, are an excellent help in the work with energies of a higher order.

The circle removes the potential of manifestation for the energy.
It is an insulating device for the practicing magician.

The triangle generates a strong field of life energy that helps confining the energy within its limits.

The geometric shapes that we use for our visualization are very helpful, but they are of secondary importance in our work.

If you become rooted in concepts of hyper space mathematics you need no longer these symbols of circle and triangle.
For the time being it is imperative that you learn these practices.

Magic of the Future

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