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PBT 2400: The Power Booster


Life Force & Life Energy Equipments powered with- & boosted by genuine Vitality Generators; Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®

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The PBT 2400 Power Booster
with Transfer Couple

The PBT 2400 Power Booster and
  the PBT 2400 HD Power Booster for HD-Devices


With this powerful accessory, you can add- and you can -more- boost the power of your Life Force & Life Energy Equipment with integrated Vitality Generators (Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone-Generator®), water optimizer and also other -radionics- devices.

Both parts -of course- are made of Super-Orgonite®, therefore the PBT 2400 Power Booster with Transfer Disk effectively boosts the output.

PBT 2400 HD Power Booster for HD-Devices / LifeForce & LifeEnergy Equipment (Chi Generator® & Orgone-Generator®) Accessories Slide the booster part of the PBT 2400 over the output of the silver pipe - if equipment have one (depending on the type of the Life Energy & Life Force Equipment)-, or just put it on top of it, and carry the small disk with- and on you.

Ideally, attach it to your key chain.
This will provide you with a continuous boost to your energy levels.

The Power Boosters of the PBT 2400 series are made of our Super-Orgonite® complex composite material that is significantly more powerful than the original orgonite®; discovered in 1992 by Karl Welz.

Therefore it will more than triple the output power of the JU 99 CE series and it effectively doubles the output of any middle of the line device (such as for example the JU 1000, the LPOG 2400 DL, or the RAD 1000 and RAD 2000), while adding strength to the top of the line Heavy Duty Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone-Generators® (LPOG 2400 HD, RAD 2400 HD, PFC 2400 HD, RAD / ATG 5).

The PBT 2400 as well as the PBT 2400 HD come with a -unique- Transfer Disk. (!)
This Transfer Disk will give you assured smoother transfer of life-force & life-energy. A built-in structural link connects the -unique- Transfer Disk with its Power Booster.

Carry the Transfer Disk on you while your Life Energy & Life Force Equipment with integrated Vitality Generators; Chi- & Prana- & Orgone Generator® or; Chi & Prana & Orgone Power RadionicsDevice with attached Power Booster is in your home (or in your office).
With this simple arrangement, you can carry the -adequate modulated benefical- lifeforce & lifeenergy of your Chi- & Prana- & Orgone Generator® with you - any place in the Universe!

The PBT 2400

Used with ST (Standard) and ST+ chi & prana & orgone generator types, twhich power could effectively doubled- or tripled, as the result of the Super Orgonite® of which the power booster and its -unique- transfer disk are made.

Just simply slide the PBT 2400 over the output silver tubing of the JU 99 or any device that is not HD: the JU 1000, RAD 1000, LPOG 2400 DL and -as well as- the RAD 2000.

The PBT 2400 HD

This power booster has a larger silver tubing to fit the larger diameter silver tubing of HD-devices energy output, the power of which it increases significantly, as a result of the Super Orgonite® of which the power booster and transfer disk are made.

Simply slide the PBT 2400 HD over the output silver tubing of any other HD device or the following LifeEnergy & LIfeForce Equipments: RAD 2400 HD, PFC 2400 HD, the Performer 2400 HD, RAD 5 / ATG 5 and ATG 12 / ATGS 12000.

The Power Boosters (PBT 2400 & PBT 2400 HD) not only assure a secure (lifeforce & life)energy transfer at any distance and without any loss, but also will amplify the generated lifeenergy & lifeforce amount generated by the LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments with integrated Chi & Prana & Orgone Generators.

Put the booster part on top of the device or you can slide it over the output pipe, while you carry the second transfer on you, or you can put the transfer into a specific location, for instance a desk or chair, where you can attach it to an inconspicuous place, where it is close enough to the body to be effective, yet out of the working area and, if needed, out of sight.




PBT 2400 Power Booster

and the PBT 2400 HD Power Booster for HD-Devices:
for transfering -and boosting- the LifeEnergy & LifeForce generated- and emanated from the Equipments at any distance, without -any significant- loss !
PBT 2400 Power Booster
Price: $119.00
(Shipping cost is not included in the piece price)

& Life Energy Equipments powered with & boosted by Vitality Generators; Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators® Accessories

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For secured and assured Life Force & Life Energy (chi, prana, od, orgone, bioenergy, etc.) transfer at a distance (at any distance!) from your Life Force & Life Energy Equipment powered with integrated Vitality Generators; Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator® & BioEnergy Generator®

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