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"Success does not consist in never making mistakes, but in never making the same one a second time."
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5 Ways to Align With The Universe

Do you feel out of alignment with the Universe?

Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. Even the most seasoned spiritual gurus fall out of alignment sometimes.

The important part here is to understand the tools you have available so you can quickly realign with the Universal energy of love.

When you are out of alignment with the Universe, you may feel fearful, hopeless, and depressed. But when you are aligned with the loving energy of the Universe, you feel joy, appreciation, and inner peace.

In fact, when you are in alignment with the hands of the Universe, you become an unstoppable force of attraction.

Below are 5 ways to align with the Universe.

1. Appreciation and Gratitude

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The quickest way to align with the Universe is to express appreciation and gratitude.

This is because gratitude is at the top of the Emotional Guidance Scale, which shares the same high vibration of the Universal energy of love.

The Universe is always emitting the energy of the highest vibration which is love. When you express gratitude, you’re able to quickly raise your vibration to match the energy of the Universe.

This works the best when you proactively express your appreciation.

Write down what you’re grateful for or say it out loud. You can take it to the next level by being of service to others to show how thankful you are.

Every single action you take towards gratitude is bringing you closer to alignment with the Universe.

2. Do Something That Feels Good

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Another way to align with the Universe is to do something that feels good right now.

When you’re in an emotional downward spiral, all it takes is one feel-good moment to stop the momentum and change your energy.

Don’t overthink this and just do something that brings you joy. Chat with your best friend, cook a good meal, take a relaxing bath. When you feel your energy shift, do the next best feel-good action so you can continue this upward momentum and propel yourself into joy.

I recommend keeping an inventory of a list of your high-vibe activities that bring you joy. I created my own list of high-vibe activities in my Law of Attraction Planner so I can quickly refer to it whenever I want to realign with the Universe.

3. Practice Forgiveness

man walking on a street

Sometimes the F word is all we need. The F word is -strictly- referring to is forgiveness.   ;-)

When you are out of alignment with the Universe, you are mostly under the grip of fear. This fear can cause you to do low-vibe actions like judging yourself and others which throws you out of alignment with the Universe.

Forgive yourself for having negative thoughts and succumbing to fear. When you forgive, you disarm your ego’s defense mechanism so you can return to alignment with the Universe.

In this state of nonresistance, you’re able to receive divine guidance and reframe your situation from the perspective of love.

4. Look for Miracles

woman point at mirror

Miracles are happening all around you, you simply have to notice them. 

When you fall out of alignment in the Universe, it’s the best time to look for miracles in your life to strengthen your faith in a higher power. 

We are often hyperfocused on the areas of lack and fear that we lose sight of all the good that is in our lives. Look for miracles in your life no matter the magnitude.

A shift in energy from fear to love is a miracle in and of itself.

When you recall a miraculous event, write it down so you can refer to it in the future to quickly restore your faith in your inner guide. Our Law of Attraction Planner has a Miracle Log Worksheet that is the perfect place to write down your miracles.

5. Pray to the Universe

Man Wearing Bonnet and Hoodie

The final way to align with the Universe is through prayer.

Prayer is a powerful tool that can be used anywhere and at any time.

When you pray, you are acknowledging your faith in a higher power and it’s a signal to the Universe that you are willing to let go of your own agenda, timeline, and desires.

It is in this state of receptivity that you can receive Universal guidance and let the Universe lead you towards solutions of the highest good for all.

A prayer you can use to restore alignment with the Universe is:
Universe, I recognize I am out of alignment with my true power. I’m willing to see this from the perspective of love instead of fear. I step back and let you lead the way.

If saying this prayer offers you a sense of inner peace, then you are one step closer to alignment with the Universe.

I hope you can try out some of these 5 ways in your spiritual journey. Let me know your thoughts and share how you align with the Universe down below.

Many thanks to Kenneth Wong
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