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Worldwide Distibution and exclusively importer in the EU (European Union)!
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Worldwide Distribution of Life Force & Life Energy Generator Equipments
powered with & boosted by genuine [ Welz ] Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®
[ Directly from the Inventor & Manufacturer to our valued Customers ! ]

HSCTI - Hyper Space Communications and Technologies International, Atlanta (GA), USA
BEC - Bio Energy Corporation - Budapest, Hungary

worldwide-orders :: LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments
World Headquarter; Atlanta, Georgia (GA) USA
  Worldwide Customer Support & Service  |  Distributors Coordination Wordwide


EU - European Union :: Order - LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments (with built-in Chi Generators® & Orgone Generators®)
European Headquarter
& Main Distribution Center | Central Warehouse for Europe and for the European Union (EU / Europe); Budapest, Hungary.

Customer Help, Guidance
& Support for Europe and -of course!- also Worldwide
Worldwide Orders with our professional Free Customer Assistance & Support

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"It is one of the beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself".
Ralph Waldo Emerson

yellowball :: Life  Energy & Lif eForce Equipments (Chi Generator & Orgone Generator)  B.E.C. - The Bio-Energy Corp. Int'l & Bio-Energy Consultans, Inc.

Established in 2003 and in 2006 by Mr. Karl Hans Welz (Inventor of Orgonite® and Chi & Prana & Orgone Generators®)

Mr. MEng Alex Sandor,
- CEO & co-founder -together with the Inventor (Mr. Karl Hans Welz) of The Bio-Energy Corp. Int'l
- Life Force & Life Energy generator Equipment-, Chi Mind Machine & Mind Trainer, LifeForce Power Radionics & LifeForce Magick-, Trend Manifestation- and Dynamic Feng Shui expert, advisor and -spiritual- coach

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Full Customer Support & PR
Sales / Technical support & advices | Coaching *

Office time / Business hours - Sales Dpt.: Office time
- Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. EDT / EST
- Saturday: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.  (Eastern Daylight Time / Eastern Standard Time)
Please kindly respect (& adhere) the timetable!
Our customers -who already purchased from us- are free to call also beside the given hours / time schedule.
Contact phone The B.E.C.: +1 470 480 3201 (let it ring looooong enough :-))
+1 (678) 500 90XX   |   +44 7458 1488XX
We apologize, but we are unable to accept calls from hidden (or private) numbers.
Sales Dpt.: regarding ORDERs & shipments !
For Customer Support, an other -different- phone number is used !
worldwide-orders :: LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments
Worldwide Distribution Main Warehouse
Atlanta (GA), Austin (TX) / USA ]
Weekdays: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. EDT / EST
Weekends: close

+1 470 480 3201
Main Central Warehouse & Distribution Center for EU
Serving the entire European Union:
Telfs (Innsbruck) / Austria,   Budapest / Hungary ]
Weekdays: 10 - 17, Saturday: 10 - 14 CET
For orders & shipping:
+43 5262 621XX, +36 70 7843 321 [ incl. FaceTime FaceTime , Viber Viber and WhatsApp WhatsApp ]

For a limited time period - only in this month [ ] -:
Free -short!- consultation, -esotherical- advice and life-coaching support every weekday; between:
worldwide-orders :: LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments 12 a.m. - 1 p.m. (12 -13) EST / EDT [Eastern Standard Time / Eastern Daylight Time]   and / or  
  EU 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. CET / CEST [Central European Time / Central European Summer Time].
      Only 10- max. 15 minutes per persons, in order to give chance also to others to take advantage from this extra(ordinary) possibility!

  Customer Support

* With more than 25 years experience in using Life Energy & Life Force (chi, prana, orgone), using and and programming the Life Energy & LifeForce Equipments, we believe that we can answer our customer questions regarding these issues.

Contact us and ask how this mystical energy could help you (and implicitly the Life Force & Life Energy generator Equipments).

We can provide you with the right & correspondent information, and we can gladly help you to choose the best and right Equipment / kit, which will suit- and will fit your requirements.
     Yes, for your comfort and support, (and because the demands has grown considerably), we are offering (temporarily!) our help & we provide -customer- support also in weekends...   :-)

Note: we are offering the free Customer Support only for our customers. For all those who bough equipment and / or accessories from another distributor and would like to have- and use our Customer Support, we can offer- & provide it for a -small- fee.

Email / Message: LifeForce Equipments

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r   B.E.C. [The Bio-Energy Corp.]: a company of Mr. Welz, Inventor of Orgonite™ and the Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®, co-founded together with Mr. Alex Sandor, CEO

Worldwide Distribution of  #1 Life Force & Life Energy Generator Equipments

powered with & boosted by integrated Vitality Generators; Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®,
and Worldwide -best- Customer Support

Tuesday; May 21, 2024.   CW: 21.



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Motto / Quote  
"Only by providing -suffient- energy (Life Energy!) to a creative thought, will be able -finally- to manifest."
Alex Sandor


A very special Life Energy Accessory: the Chi Life Energy Vitality Card®

The cheapest, safest and -at the same time- the most easy and elegant way for a -continuous- supply of Life Energy (Life Force, Chi / Qi, Prana, Od, Orgon / Orgone, etc.).
Energy & Vitality for you and your beloveds for less then a quarter per day!
Try it for free, and -right after that- order it / buy it to take advantage of all the offered benefits !
Special Chi Vitality Cards & Life Energy Cards »»
[ You have now the possibility to choose from different power & strength for different time periods... ]
. ~
Energy & Vitality for You, your family and your beloveds!

Personalized special Chi Vitality Card®  go

A continouos life force energy source in your wallet and -also- on your computer / laptop, tablet / iPad and your mobile phone!
The cheapest, safest and -at the same time- the most easy and elegant way for a -continuous- supply of Life Energy (Life Force, Chi / Qi, Prana, Od, Orgon / Orgone, etc.).
Chi Vitality Card
Validity: 3, 6, 9, 12, 24 months | Power: ST, DL, HD type. More info...
Starting from $19 USD ($) or equivalent in (EUR) or £ (Pounds), now -for a limited period of time, in this month (May)!- with 10% Discount!
Activation fee (today) = 0 $ / € / £ !
Discount will be shown, applied and deducted right before the payment.
The personalised Chi Vitality Card(s) will be set up and sent in email in max. 24-48 hours after purchase was made.
First; please choose / select, then click / tap on below PayPal image!
New! Chi Vitality Card(s) + Manifestation Program(s) with -10% -or more- discount !

Most recommended!
  Excellent -unique- opportunity (only now, just for a limited period of time) !  
1helgruen | Chi Vitality Card Personalised Life Energy VITALITY Chi Card #5 (valid- and active 5 months, HD type)  +  the MANIFESTATION Programfor PCs (including the AOD 48 - Alphabet of Desire symbol pack):
 $248   $199 USD ($), or equivalent in (EUR) or £ (Pounds)
Chi Vitality Card  +  manifestation program - marketing success
hellblau | Chi Vitality Card Personalised Life Energy VITALITY Chi Card #12 (valid- and active 12 months, HD type)  +  the 'tiptop' MANIFESTATION Programfor PCs (including ALL the -new- 9 packs of AOD - Alphabet of Desire symbol packs):
 $468   $369 USD ($), or equivalent in (EUR) or £ (Pounds)

Marketing slogan »  
What?! Continuous flow of (Life)energy from a piece of paper or from an image?? Unbelievable!!
Yes! We can do it and we can -proudly- provide it to you! Try it now for free!


Recommended KITs to order

Kit I. (Basic KIT - almost mandatory): Life Force & Life Energy generator Equipment(s) powered with & boosted by Vitality Generators; Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators® + DC wall transformer (AC / DC adapter) + Structural Link(s) + shipping cost + (additional) online support (!)
Kit II.: KIT I. + Power Radionic 'Manifestation' program
Kit III.: KIT I. or / and KIT II. + Filters Packs / Symbols  +  Sounds & Frequencies
Kit IV.: KIT I. or / and KIT II. or / and KIT III. + Chi Vitality Cards - the most complex and complete KIT, and -of course- the best choice !

Order in KITs to SAVE money!


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LIFE ENERGY Generator Equipments

LIFE ENERGY Generator Equipments

Energy & Vitality to You and for Your Success!


LIFE ENERGY Generator Equipment: Energy & Vitality for your -energetic protection & success!  |  CHI Manager: Managing succesfully the subtile energies  |  Life Energy & LIFE FORCE: The Absolut Power of the Universe!  |  Life Force Power RADIONICS: Radionics Devices, Trend Generating Systems & Manifestation Programs  |  Life Force MAGICK: New, modern -and efficient!- Techno-Magick  |  Life Force & Life Energy generator Equipments: Genuine Life Force generator Equipments  |  Chi LIFE ENERGY Equipments for EU: CHI LifeEnergy & LifeForce generator Equipments for the European Union residents  |  ORGONE Generator: Chi & Prana & Orgone Generators  |  Life Energy BLOG: Interesting entries & posts  |  KH Welz: Magic of the Future (scientific course)  |  Special Chi VITALITY Card: the cheapest -continuous- energy source for you to succeed!  |  Tarjeta Chi de VITALIDAD: ¡Energía y vitalidad en tu bolsillo!  |  Welz / Welz  |  Chi FENG SHUI Dynamic : Feng Shui Chi energies always in your service: a new, modern, easy & efficient way!  |  Chi MIND Machines & Mind Trainers: Meditation & Relaxation & re-Vitalisation & Stress relief & Speed learning / Personal growing & Peak performances