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For Your Vitality & Success:
LIFE ENERGY generator EQUIPMENTs powered with & boosted by Chi & Prana & Orgone Generators handmade with -genuine- Super Orgonite®!

Discover the power of subtle vital energies; chi & prana & orgone, with the genuine Life Energy Generator Equipment(s).
Our high quality handmade products directly from Welz Laboratories, made with Super Orgonite® are designed to help you enhance your Life Force Energy and promote overall well-being. We offer also not only a wide range of high quality products but also services (courses & coaching) to help you achieve your -programmed- goals. Use our top class and quality products to refill you -continuously, all the time- with vital energy & vitality, to reach your -programmed- goals and achieve your targets more quicker and more sure, and -also- to gain advantage over others, utilize it for your self-development and for your well deserved success!

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Life Energy: The Living Source Of The Universe

...and the Life Energy Generator Equipments;
Energy & Vitality for your -energetical- protection and -overall- success !

Unlock Your Full Potential with the Life Energy Generator Equipments: Harness & use the Power of Life Force Energy, Today!"

About the Life Force Energy   |   The complete Catalog of genuine Life Energy Generator Equipments & Accessories

The Life Energy Equipments, thanks to the integrated Vitality Welz Generator; Chi & Prana & Orgone Generators made with Super Orgonite®, generates and emanates -continuously- subtle beneficial Life Energy & Life Force (chi / qi, prana, od, orgone, bio-energy, etc.) that you can harness and use in any of your actions; to reach your -precisely defined- goals and targets, as well as for your -overall- success and to be -energetically- protected. Continuously, always and all the times!
How? Find out reading these pages!
These relevance and important information can be found-, and can be read only on these webpages!
Motto / Quote  
"We must remember how to honor and respect life with each breath, step, word, and thought.
What you bless blesses you in return. This is the power of reciprocity."
Sandra Ingerman


Life Force Energy,  and the   Life Force & Life Energy generator Equipments life energy equipment

There is a mystical energy that fill-in every particle of the Universe and -permanently- surrounds us, which is the basis of life from which all was emanated.

We are constantly penetrated and surrounded always by invisible energies (EMF, gravity, etc.), including an omnipresent, creative and mystical one, from which all was emanated and -among others- can assure (physical and mental) health, personal development, happiness, inner peace, balance, harmony and wellbeing. LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipment

This is the Life Energy (Life Force, Chi / Qi, Prana, Mana, Od, Magnetic Fluid, Solar-Ether, Élan Vital, Vril, Orgon / Orgone, etc.).

Using consciously(!) this subtile energy form in any of your desired action, can offer lot of benefits and many advantages: increased vitality, better health, better personal relations, and a more happier, successful and prosperous life.

During functioning, our Life Force & Life Energy generator Equipments [powered with & boosted by integrated -genuine!- Welz Generators; (vital / Vitality Generators: Chi Generators & Prana Generators & Orgone Generators)] generates and emanates -continuosly- positive & creative Life Energy & Life Force !

AO 2000 (Aqua Optimizer) Perceive, take-over and use it -consciously! in any (every!) desired action- for personal development and growing, to achieve -faster & easier- your programmed goals, to reach your -programmed- targets, to -energetically- protect yourself and your family, and raise your energy level and vitality.  

This powerful Life Force Technology can do a lot for You! Gain advantage right now!

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Boosting the World with beneficial subtle dynamic (Life)Energies!

LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipment This is the authorised site of original Life Force & Life Energy generator Equipments powered with- and boosted by integrated Vitality Welz Generators; the genuine Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®, the official site of the Inventor; Mr. Karl Welz's first Associat & Business Partner since 1998(!); Alex Sandor, co-founder (together with the Inventor) of The Bio-Energy Corp. Goods are directly from the Manufacturer laboratories to our valued Customers ! Worldwide Distribution; and authorised -exclusive!- Distributor for EU / Europe, managing the Manufacturer's Central Main EU Warehouse; with free Customer Support* for your confort and for your assured convenience! Best *Customer support & coaching service (according -not only- to our Customers)!
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Life Energy generator Equipments => Energy & Vitality Energetical Protection Easier Manifestation Deeper Meditation Progressive Relaxation Stamina & Stress Relief Memory Boost Speed Learning Refreshing Sleep Self-Development


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The Welz Generator & the Life Energy Equipment & the Vitality Card; ...if you want to drink energized & optimalized water.


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I feel the energy generated from my new equipment and I am using it always in my daily activities, but I need, I want more! I am sorry now that I did not bought a stonger and powerful one (like the RAD 2400 HD), but will do it soon. Energized water is excellent!
Dr. Helmut W (Genf, Swiss)


A very special Life Energy Accessory: the Chi Life Energy Vitality Card®

The cheapest, safest and -at the same time- the most easy and elegant way for a -continuous- supply of Life Energy (Life Force, Chi / Qi, Prana, Od, Orgon / Orgone, etc.).
Energy & Vitality for you and your beloveds for less then a quarter per day!
Try it for free, and -right after that- order it / buy it to take advantage of all the offered benefits !
Special Chi Vitality Cards & Life Energy Cards »»
[ You have now the possibility to choose from different power & strength for different time periods... ]
  Excellent -unique- opportunity (only now for limited period of time) !  
1helgruen | Chi Vitality Card Personalised Life Energy VITALITY Chi Card #5 (valid- and active 5 months, HD type)  +  the MANIFESTATION Programfor PCs (including the AOD 48 - Alphabet of Desire symbol pack):
 $238   $199 (!) USD ($), or equivalent in (EUR) or £ (Pounds)
Chi Vitality Card  +  manifestation program - marketing success
hellblau | Chi Vitality Card Personalised Life Energy VITALITY Chi Card #12 (valid- and active 12 months, HD type)  +  the 'tiptop' MANIFESTATION Programfor PCs (including ALL the -new-9 packs of AOD - Alphabet of Desire symbol packs):
 $468   $369 (!) USD ($), or equivalent in (EUR) or £ (Pounds)
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Feel this subtle energy & take control on your life!

transfer test Before placing your order, to have an inexhaustible source of life energy & life force right of your own, maybe you would like to perceive and to feel -consciously!- the Life Energy & Life Force and to get proof of the existence of this subtle energy & universal power, generated also by our genuine equipments. You can do this easily by performing our free LifeEnergy & LifeForce Transfer Test at the distance -in fact; at any distance! and without any loss!-, what -presently- only we can offer- and only we can provide it for you!

Free Life Energy (Life Force & Chi & Prana & Orgone) Transfer Test - to any distance »»

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Significant note (please read it):
Our performant Life Energy & Life Force Equipments powered with & boosted by -integrated- Vitality Generators; Chi Generator & Prana Generator & Orgone Generator -during functioning- are continuosly generating and emanating beneficial Life Force & LifeEnergy (chi / qi, kí, prana, mana, od, orgone, bio-energy, etc.). (!)

How-, for what purpose-, and with what efficiency this generated -subtle- force & (life)energy is used and/or harnessed, is -entirely- the duty and responsibility of the user!
Manufacturer & Distributors do not assume any responsibility for the consequences. (!)
Can- and should be used only for positive, constructive, nobile and sublime purposes and goals.

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Life Force & Life Energy Generator Equipments
powered with- and boosted by Vital / Vitality Generators; the Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators® handmade with Orgonite® & Super Orgonite®

AO 1100 | AO 2000
JU 99 | JU 1000 | LPOG 2400 DL | LPOG 2400 HD | PFC 2000 & PFC 2400 | Performer / Sport Performer 2400 HD
RAD 1000 | RAD 2000 | RAD 2400 HD
RAD 5 / ATG 5 | ATG 12 / ATGS 12000

Order now to gain all advantages and benefits what this mystical Life Energy & Life Force (and -implicitly- the Life Force & Life Energy generator Equipments) can provide and could offer !

Manifestation Radionics Programs   |   -Magickal- Symbols   |   Special specific Frequencies

Special Life Energy Equipment Accessory: Chi Vitality Card »»


Orgonite®, Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator®, Prana Generator® and Chi-Card® are registered trademarks owned by Karl Hans Welz, the inventor of the special material-matrix (Orgonite®) and these devices which attracts, accumulates and -due to corresponding technology- generates and also emanates -continuously- life energy & life force. Patents Pending. Any person other than our authorised distributors who uses these registered trademarks does so in blatant violation of the law.


Life Force & Life Energy Generator Equipments
powered with & boosted by Welz Generators: Vital / Vitality Generators; Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®

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