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Life Force & Life Energy Generator Equipments powered with & boosted by integrated Vitality Generators; Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®

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We always strive to serve our valued and respected Customers at the highest level !

Goods can be ordered

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We use PayPal to ensure a secure checkout process for our customers.

paypal You do not need a PayPal account to complete your order.
If you don't have a paypal account, click on the second option on checkout. The option says: "Don't have a paypal account? Pay with your debit or credit card as a PayPal guest". paypal Transactions are entirely secured by Paypal.
When ordering through PayPal, -since shipping companies requested- please do not forget to specify your phone number.
You can pay with your credit card using paypal !

We Are PayPal Verified for Your Protection !


e-mail | Life Energy Equipment and / or Pay trough PayPal, with debit- or credit card
Order by email with Bank transfer,  and / or  via PayPal (on the PayPal secured site!).
(Sorry, no COD's!)
We will confirm the order in a short email in 24 (max. 48) hours after order was received.

Customer information

Customer is fully responsible for the clear and exactness of the information provided regarding the order, he/she need to provide clear and valid information about name, delivery address, phone number*, etc.
Seller asume no responsibility for any incorrectly provided delivery address.
(With PayPal orders, the goods will be delivered to the confirmed address by PayPal).


By mail or ExpressMail (GLS and/or DPD).
Shippings also possible with DHL and / or Fedex.
Shipping cost depends on 'Delivery address'. For shipping prices please see the 'Shipping Costs' detailed on 'Price List & Order' page.


Prices are NETTO prices .

& Currencies

Payment accepted in $ [USD] and/or [EUR]. Customers / Buyers can pay in any currencies, PayPal will convert to USD or EUR at PayPal daily -advantageous- rates.

Worldwide orders & worldwide shipping

worldwide-orders :: LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments Prices expressed in USD ($) ['Price List - USD'] in the main Price Catalog are netto prices, with wordwide delivery (except few contries! -contact us for this information-), eventually import and/or customs fee (and also VAT) are not included!
Goods are sent -directly- from the Inventor & Manufacturer, from USA (drop shipped), so -eventually- import requirements (custom clearance, custom fee, duties and VAT) are -entirely- Customer responsibility (!)

Orders from inside EU & shipping inside EU (European Union)

EU - European Union :: Order - LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments (with built-in Chi Generators® & Orgone Generators®)

We also facilitate orders coming from inside EU (European Union): as main Distributor & Associate in the joint company of Inventor & Manufacturer in Europe (Bio-Energy Corp.), and part of team leadership, we are importing the goods from our USA Central Headquater, and we send the goods to our european Customers from our EU Headquaters & Warehouse (located inside EU - in Budapest, Hungary), already customs cleared and duties paid, for their ease, comfort & -assured- convenience !
Prices (the European Price List) can be expressed or in EURo or in US Dolars (just to eliminate the USD / EURO exchange rate fluctuation) and are dedicated and offered only for EU customers (with delivery address inside European Union).
These catalog prices are including import- and customs fees -but not the shipping price inside EU. Goods are delivered to customers from our Main EU Central Warehouse (so, no -bureaucratic- hassle at the custom offices, no longer shipping time, no time delays, and no additional fees!).

The prices for EU (European Union) reflect the costs of importing the devices, customs fees and VAT (value added tax, which is included in the price).
When ordered from within the EU, these prices are all-inclusive, the device will be shipped to the customer directly from our EU branch, and consequently you will not be exposed to bureaucratic hassles, fees, time delays, etc., that are all too familiar to persons who are receiving merchandise from outside the EU.
An alternative would be for the customer to tell the distributor that he/she prefers the device to be shipped from the USA, in which case it is the customer responsibility to pick up the devices and to take care of all the customs formalities and fees, pay for the VAT, and -also- any other bureaucratic requirements, which are connected with imports as well as shipping and handling costs.
Therefore the EU catalog is specially made for EU residents, and consequently it reflects the EU pricing.
The devices will be shipped from our branch (Main Central Warehouse for EU) in Budapest, Hungary. No additional fees and no import bureaucracies!

& Delivery Terms

Prices & Delivery Terms are EXW / FCA**.
**Shipping & delivering prices are NOT included in the piece price (unless otherwise expressed specified). See/check for exceptions, or contact us for additional information.

Delivery Time

Merchandise will be mailed within seven working days after received the -total- payment.
(Express mail: shipping out the goods in 3 - max. 5 days).

Damaged goods
due to shipping/delivering

If Customer will notice any damage after the good was received from shipping/delivering company, it is Customer's responsibility and duty to make official complain to the shipping company. Of course, we will totally support him/her in this regard.

/ Guarantees

Manufacturer replaces, repairs, or exchanges defective devices within two years from date of purchase, provided that the problem did not result from inappropriate use.
Product Warranty will be void if seal label or cover is removed or damaged.
This warranty does not include AC adapters (which are added for free - only in USA).

/ Refunds

In case of returning (and -eventually- refund requesting), this need to be done within 14 days after ordered goods was received, only in the original box is accepted and protection sygil must be intact, otherwise is not accepted and refund claim will be rejected. All related costs will be beared by Customer.
In eventually case of refund, banking- and/or paypal fees could be deducted.
For canceling an order, also all -eventually- fees and losses will be beared by Customer, including the shipping back costs. No refunds for damaged goods (including inappropriate using) and softwares and/or any digital merchandise which can be sent on- and by email.

Instruction Manual

All equipments have a comprehensive instruction manual which -also- can be downloaded.
We have an online short general Manual also.

Customer Support & Customer Service

As long as you own the equipment(s) purchased -directly- from us.
You will receive the Customer Support from the -authorised- Sales Agent/Agency and/or Distributor from where you ordered the goods.
We can not provide help & support -unfortunately- for customers who bought- and ordered goods from another Distributors, only for a fee, so, we can offer Customer Support surcharge also for Customer who bought not from us.
Our valued Customers will receive- and will benefit, of course!, our -high quality- support for free.

Important Notes:
* Phone Number must be included (shipping companies request it).
** Be sure to add cost of shipping (if necessary).
*** Everyone who order, must accept above rules and conditions.

We gratefully THANK YOU for purchasing from us!





Very pleased!
Sir, I am very pleased with my new device (RAD 1000). I am writing this review with gratitude. I am already planning to buy 3 other device for my whole family! Thanks and wish you all the best!
Joao P. (Belo Horizonte, Brasil)


Life Force & Life Energy Generator Equipments powered with & boosted by integrated Vitality Generators; -genuine- Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator® made with Super Orgonite® and -recommended- Accessories
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Recommended KITs to order

Kit I. (Basic KIT - almost mandatory): Life Force & Life Energy generator Equipment(s) powered with & boosted by Vitality Generators; Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators® + DC wall transformer (AC / DC adapter) + Structural Link(s) + shipping cost + (additional) online support (!)
Kit II.: KIT I. + Power Radionic 'Manifestation' program
Kit III.: KIT I. or / and KIT II. + Filters Packs / Symbols  +  Sounds & Frequencies
Kit IV.: KIT I. or / and KIT II. or / and KIT III. + Chi Vitality Cards - the most complex and complete KIT, and -of course- the best choice !

Order in KITs to SAVE money!


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Tai Chi and / or Chi Kung, or even Yoga for hours? Forget it! Just power up your Life Energy & Life Force Equipments and you will be energized in seconds !


Life Force & Life Energy generator Equipments Special Accessories
A Very Specific Structural Link

Chi Vitality Cards® / Chi Energy Card(s)

Powerful & continuous flow of Chi- (Life)Energy & Vitality for you, -directly- in your pocket and / or billfold; at the best & lowest price! Now also on your computer / laptop, tablet / iPad and on your mobile phone!
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  yellowball Chi Vitality Card

not just printed, but now -also- on your computer, tablet & 'smart phone' / mobile phone !

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yellowball Chi Vitality Card™ #3
Chi Vitality Card
hellblau | Chi Vitality Card valid- and active 3 months + for free; one / any -magickal- symbol at your choice from the AOD pack
ONLY in this month!

USD ($), or equivalent in (EUR)
 . . ~
yellowball Chi Vitality Card™ #150
Chi Vitality Card
hellblau | Chi Vitality Card valid- and active 150 days / 5 months(!) + for free (as a gift); two of any -astrological or magickal- symbol at your choice OR one special frequency
ONLY in this month!

USD ($), or equivalent in (EUR)
. ~
yellowball Chi Vitality Card™ #12
Chi Vitality Card
hellblau | Chi Vitality Card valid- and active 12 months: starting from $79.90 ($6.66 / month)

The "lucky ones" can order now (for a very limited time period) with a -10% Discount!
  Excellent -unique- opportunity (only now, just for limited period of time) !  
1helgruen | Chi Vitality Card Personalised Life Energy VITALITY Chi Card #5 (valid- and active 5 months, HD type)  +  the MANIFESTATION Programfor PCs (including the AOD 48 - Alphabet of Desire symbol pack):
 $248   $199 USD ($), or equivalent in (EUR) or £ (Pounds)
Chi Vitality Card  +  manifestation program - marketing success
hellblau | Chi Vitality Card Personalised Life Energy VITALITY Chi Card #12 (valid- and active 12 months, HD type)  +  the 'tiptop' MANIFESTATION Programfor PCs (including ALL the -new- 9 packs of AOD - Alphabet of Desire symbol packs):
 $468   $369 USD ($), or equivalent in (EUR) or £ (Pounds)

Life Force & Life Energy Generator Equipments
powered with & boosted by Welz Generators (Vital / Vitality Generators); Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®

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Life Force & Life Energy Generator Equipments
powered with and boosted by genuine -integrated- Vital / Vitality Welz Generators; Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®
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