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Franz Anton MESMER: Animal magnetism & Magnetic fluid ~

F. A. Mesmer

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Franz Anton Mesmer

Franz Antom Mesmer - magnetic fluid | animal magnetism | mesmerism

One of the most important pioneers of -prior- orgone technology was Franz Anton Mesmer.
He lived some 200 years ago (1734 - 1815).
Mesmer used the label "animal magnetism" and "magnetic fluid" when refering to life force, and he built the first accumulators of this energy.

Editor's note:
the term 'animal' or 'animalic' should not mislead anyone; he used this term derived from the Latin "animus", which means soul, life, mind, judgment and breath, courage or boldness, - precisely to highlight the quality of this energy that is characteristic of all living beings.

Since he was a medical doctor, he used his large orgone accumulators for healing purposes.
Mesmer treated his patients using magnets and oak tubs part filled with iron filings and this may be an important key point. These accumulators of "animal magnetism" were wooden barrels, which he filled with iron filings.

Mesmer's treatment resulted in patients sleeping, dancing and/or having bodily convulsions which later become known as the Mesmeric crisis. Later, the authorities investigated Mesmer and claimed that there was no magnetic fluid but that the results were purely a product of the imagination.

Without being aware of the actual principles underlying the accumulating of animal magnetism, he succeeded in making very powerful orgone accumulators that worked extremely well: a success that was possibly achieved by trial and error in conjunction with some very intelligent guesses. some 150 years after Mesmer Wilhelm Reich established his theories about accumulation of orgone energy.
In fact, Reich's orgone accumuators were structurally very similar to Mesmer's accumulators of "animal magnetism."

Franz Anton Mesmer
was born in 1734 at lake Boden in Germany.
He went to Vienna to study theology, philosophy and law, later turning to medicine. In 1766 he became a doctor with his thesis 'De influxu planetarum in corpus humanum', in which he revived the ancient idea that the planets of our solar system exude invisible rays that affect our bodies.
Mesmer called this effect "animal magnetism", and the rays "magnetic fluid".

He founded a school in Vienna, where he practised healing through animal magnetism, harnessing the magnetic fluid through pieces of iron and conductive minerals, that he placed upon the diseased spots on the patients´ bodies. He found, that one could achive "magnetic" effects through the laying of hands or even merely by speaking with the patient. And thus modern hypnotism was born*.

* Of course, the term "hypnotism" itself wasn´t coined by Mesmer, but by the English scientist James Braid (1795-1860) in 1843, the name derived from the greek god Hypnos, god of sleep. Braid coined the term to prevent association with "animal magnetism" which he claimed was pure nonsense.

As Mesmer's fame spread, more and more people flocked to be cured by him, and even people of rank began to notice the doctor from Vienna. Among his famous patients were Wolfgang Mozart, the emperess Maria Theresa, and her protegé, a blind pianist, Maria Theresia Paradis.

Mesmer was hired by Paradis´ parents to cure her of her blindness. What really happened is uncertain; Mesmer himself asserts that he managed to cure her, but that her parents, who recived a pension that would be revoked if the girl was to regain her eyesight, withdrew her from Mesmers care, and she relapsed into blindness. Mesmer's opponents claim that he only managed to make the girl "see" images by suggestion, and that the parents withdrew the girl when they found out that Mesmer had seduced her. Whatever really happened, Mesmers reputation was badely damaged by the incident, and he moved to Paris in 1778 to begin again.

Paris in the late 17th century was a hotbed of different mystic and spiritual teachers, scholars and prophets. It is belived that Mesmer met the famous Comte de Saint Germain there and spoke to him regarding the properties of the magnetic rays. In 1778 Mesmer was offered 20,000 livres for the secret of animal magnetism, but refused to divulge it. He had soon built up a solid reputation as a miracle-worker, able to cure most anything short of death in his patients, but trouble was to come.

In 1784 Louis XVI established a commitee consiting of the most famous doctors and naturalist of the time, among others Antoine Lavosier and Benjamin Franklin, to investigate the feasibillity of magnetic phenomena. Despite the fact that the commitee conducted it´s research at a diciple of Mesmer, and not Mesmer himself, they soon reached the conclusion that the magnetic rays were nonexistent and any beneficial results from such treatment was due to self-suggestion. They also reached the conclusion that magnetic treatment was dangerous for women since it might destroy their inhibitations. Mesmers reputation was destroyed and he had to leave Paris. He went to London to try to start up his practice again, but failed and moved to Switzerland, where he died in obscurity in 1815.

Animal Magnetism

Animal magnetism is a word which was coined by Franz Anton Mesmer.
In our days it is called "personal magnetism" - besides the older words such as chi, prana, mana, life energy, etc.

Mesmer had a scientific approach to this universal energy, and this universality led him to use the term "animal magnetism".

Based on his experiences and research, he built the first accumulators of life energy & life force, and he developed methods of "transferring animal magnetsim from one person to the other.

Karl Welz (Inventor of orgone generators®) became aware that with his method of "magnetizing" or "mesmerizing" actually life energy & life force, or animal magnetism, is generated.
Consequently, a person who is using Franz Anton Mesmer's methods actually gets stronger in the process of "mesmerizing" as thousands of "magnetiseurs" in France are well aware of.

An analysis of Franz Anton Mesmer's methods combined with Karl von Reichenbach's observations of life energy & life force, or od, as hi called it, were instrumental in his invention of the chi generator® & orgone generator®, which is a generator of animal magnetism.

Animal magnetism (French: magnétisme animal) was a term that Franz Anton Mesmer coined for life energy & life force.

Mesmer had chosen this term to clearly distinguish his variant of magnetic force from those which were referred to, at that time, as mineral magnetism, cosmic magnetism and planetary magnetisms.
Furthermore, Franz Anton Mesmer made the first accumulators of life energy & life force, which were barrels that he filled with iron filings - this too made the term "animal magnetism" a logical consequence.
Although he could not convince others about the "animal magnetism" emerging from his barrels, in our days the accumulation of life energy & life force in those barrels can be measured.
With his method of "magnetizing" (as it was called later) by moving the hands along the body of patients at a diatance of 1 to 2 inches, he thought "animal magnetism" was transferred from the "magentiseur" (magnetizer) to the patient. In fact, I became aware that with this method much more happens than mere transfer of energy. Without being aware of it, Mesmer could generate life energy this way - by moving life energy fields relative to each other. Presedntly there ware way over 10,000 healing professionals in france who are still using Mesmer's method of magnetizing. Animal magnetisme is called personal magnetism in our days.
Based on the preceding, the Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®, is a generator of animal magnetism, of personal magnetism, and animal magnetism is the same energy as Chi, prana, mana, orgone, etc.

Therefore, a Chi Generator® can be used to energize people.
Very effective is such work when the "magnetiseur" - the practitioner of animal magnetism - puts a transfer (such as the TC 99 or a Chi-Card® into the hands that perform the "passes" of magnetizing.

Anton Mesmer's believed that all living beings had magnetic fields running through them which could be manipulated for healing or other purposes. He surmised that a universal magnetic fluid existed in all “objects that produced disease when it was out of balance in the human body”.

Mesmer began to cultivate techniques that he thought would re-establish the equilibrium of the magnetic fluid, and as a result, diseases would be cured. He based his theories and prospects on his belief that perfect health was dependent upon an individual maintaining a right relationship with the heavenly bodies, and was convinced that the same powers that held the sun and moon and planets in place could regulate human health. Whenever a magnet was brought into contact with a patient, the subtle and mysterious fluid exuded by the magnet entered the body of the patient and healed him of his complaint.

“Animal magnetism” was the name Mesmer gave this fluid. This process of animal magnetism” made Mesmer famous.
He called his way of curing people with this method “mesmerism”

Mesmer walked around them touching each one with a wand, advocating them to yield themselves to the magnetic fluids about.
He told them that they could only be cured if they were able to focus on the heavenly powers that existed within their sick bodies.
He pressed his clients to “reach further into your mind” .

He drove these people to reach what Mesmer called “a grand crisis”, known today as a grand mal convulsive seizure.
Mesmer reported that this grand crisis was the reason many of his clients were cured.
The origin of the behavior that is now attributed to hypnosis resulted from the misdiagnosis of the ancient malady epilepsy.

Magnetic Fluid

Anton Mesmer firmly believed that disease was caused by an imbalance of an invisible magnetic fluid that was contained in all living and non-living things, and he initially treated his patients with magnets.
Since the practitioner's own body contained the magnetic fluid, Mesmer felt that techniques such as touching or passing the hands over the patient's body could rebalance / transfer the body's magnetic fluid.
Thus the patient would then be cured.

He surmised that the body must have two poles, like a magnet, and must, like a magnet, be emitting an invisible magnetic "fluid."
According to Mesmer, disease was due to some interruption or maladjustment in the flow of this "fluid," and it therefore be cured by correcting the flow.

Mesmer concluded that certain people had this gift of being able to control the flow of this mysterious "fluid" and these 'practitioners' had the power to make the fluid flow from themselves into the patient.
Furthermore, this could also be accomplished indirectly.
For example, by 'magnetizing' almost any object, such as a bottle of water. The magnetized objects would then presumably pass on the 'fluid" to anyone who touched them.

Pursuing this line of thought further, Mesmer discovered that it was important that there should exist a close interest in and sympathy between the physician and the patient.
This he called rapport, French for "harmony" or "connection."
This term is still in use in psychoanalytic circles, and describes the relationship in which the doctor has the interest and cooperation of his patient.

Mesmer used an apparatus which he called a bacquet, an oak tub filled with iron filings and broken glass.
Protruding from the wooden top were dozens of bottles with the necks pointing in the direction of the patients.
Placed inside the bottles were many iron rods whose purpose, according to Mesmer's theories, was to spray magnetic rays on the subject.
These bottles were filled with supposedly magnetised water.

The patients gathered round the baquet, each holding the hand of the patient on either side, the whole party forming a kind of "magnetic ring."
Ethereal soft music would play and the lights dimmed.

Some of the patients would start singing during these strange seances.
Inevitably, a few patients experienced spasms or a "crisis" after which they would emerge from the experience feeling improved in health.
Occasionally young aristocratic women would return for the pleasure of the experience even though they no longer had any medical condition to treat.

Despite widespread skepticism of Mesmer's methods, he was certainly the first person to draw the attention of the world to the important fact that mental treatment can have a direct bearing on illness of the body, and that the proper use of mesmerism, or hypnosis, can have immense benefit to psychic investigators.

Karl Hans Welz: Mesmer and Karl von Reichenbach, Anton Mesmer



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