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Applications of Life Energy & Life Force;
and -implicitly- of the Life Force & Life Energy Equipments

Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements

Using the Chi Energy & Prana Energy & Orgone Energy from the Life Force & Life Energy Equipments with built-in and integrated Vitality Generators; Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®  to...

Enhance Herbs, Vitamins and Supplements: Super-Charge them with Chi Energy & Life Force

Skin care & beauty

There are as many methods of working with herbs, as there are uses of them.

You can use the same methods described below with supplements, with vitamins, with products for skin, hair care, etc., and, of course, for any herbs that have amgical properties.

1. You can charge the herb tea for a few minutes with life force before drinking it.

JU 99 Chi Generator + RAOPTC 2. You can put an herbal supplement or an herb proper onto a Life Force & Life Energy Equipment [Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®] to charge the same substance when you ingest it.
This same method is useful in connection with products of skin care.
Naturally, you can charge these substances at a distance as well.

3. You can super-charge products of skin care with life energy & life force before using it.
The time required varies depending on the device and amount charged.
Some people can feel it when the product is fully charged.

As a rule of thumb: any small container will be charged after 1/2 hour when you put it in front of a JU 99 CE, a few minutes when put onto an AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer and a few second put into the ring of RAD 5 / ATG 5.(!)

4. Dissolve supplements in water that has been charged with life energy & life force and ingest them with this -optimized- water.

JU 99 Chi Generator + RAOPTC 5. Charge water with the enery, or function of specific herbs, supplements, etc., by putting the herbs next to the water that you charge.

The ideal devices are the AO 2000 or the AO 1100 - see left top the -older design- AO 1100 with the Aqua Optimizer Transfer Power Transfer Couple (RAOPTC) charging tea and supplements.

Naturally, you can attach specific functions to the product, i.e., you can program the substances radionically -with different 'trends'- with the RAD 2000, PFC 2400 or RAD 2400 HD.

Click here for additional information about the AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer, which is the optimal device for the charging of herbs, supplements, etc. or for transfering their energies.

All Heavy Duty devices, the PFC 2400, the LPOG 2400 HD, the Performer 2400, the RAD 2400 HD, the RAD 5 as well as the ATG 12 / ATGS 12000 are also Water Optimizers.

Life Energy & Life Force Equipments powered by -integrated- Vitality Generators; Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators®

now LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments with built-in Vitality Generators; Chi Generator & Orgone Generator for your help, support and success!
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