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Life Energy & Life Force - short introduction in it's HISTORY

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Motto / Quote  
“Mental efficiency is contingent upon harmony; discord means confusion; therefore he who would acquire power must be in harmony with natural law.”
Charles F. Haanel - The Master Key System

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A brief history of life energy & life force,

chi / qi, , prana, mana,

magnetic fluid / animal magnetism (Mesmer), od / odic force (Reichenbach), solar ether (Korschelt), sympathetic waves (Lakhovsky), orgon / orgone (Reich) and/or bio-energy,
orgonite (Welz)

Before we are going to introduce you into some of the brand new applications of life force & life energy that are available to you by now, as a result of the new technology of generating lifeforce & lifeenergy, we are going to explain how this energy has been used throughout human history.

We are going to tell you what we know of life force & life energy (soemeone call it: life force energy) in our time, and also a brief history of the more recent scientific approach to this extremely important energy factor of human life and of human interaction with the environment.

Now, let's start out with the earliest beginnings of the use of life force & life energy.

As the name implies, life energy is the energy of life (!), i.e., the energy, which we can notice as being accumulated in massive amounts especially in living organisms.

On the other hand, life energy is a universal energy.
This means -no more and no less- that there is virtually no space, no object in space, where we would not find this energy and observe its effects.

In many of the ancient human cultures, there have been people who were well aware of this fact.
They felt the life energy and life force, they used it in many ways, and they needed no "scientific proof" to "work" with it.
This is so, because they had direct evidence and because they saw it working over and over again.

We like to compare this to the use of fire.
Ancient folks had no idea of oxygen and of the chemical principles of combustion and, of course, they had no science explaining that. They had the evidence that they could warm up their dwellings and make their food more palatable.
That's all they needed.
Back then, some people wanted to explain the "why and how" of fire, and they relegated these explanations to the field of mythology, and the same thing happened with life energy & life force, of course.

As far as the use of fire is concerned, think of the story of Prometheus in Greek mythology!
He was the god who brought fire to the humans and he was punished by the gods for that.

Throughout human history, Life Energy & Life Force has received many names


People of ancient India called it Prana. Prana means the vital energy.
In India, the word for life force & life energy was "Prana" or "shakti".
The practices of pranayama and yoga evolved from the knowledge of prana.
How your body, your mind, and your whole system function in life, is ultimately determined by your prana because is an intelligent energy.

Chi (Qi)

The ancient Chinese called it Chi.
The practices of Tai Chi and Chi Kung developed from this knowledge. As we wrote, wise people in the Far East (chinese) called this life-force & life-energy, or lifepower, "chi" and they developed many techniques of self-improvement from this knowledge (such as Tai Chi and Chi Gong).

Chi is used in many martial arts and in many medicinal practices including acupunture.

The Chinese use 'chi' to describe the life force that animates everything – which makes it casually comparable to words used around the world, 'prana' in Hindu, 'ruach in Hebrew, 'pneuma' in Greek, 'spirit' and its different variations in the West, and they say that "Chi follows Yi," where "Yi" is the mind or intention/attention.

In traditional Chinese culture, qi or ch'i is believed to be a vital force forming part of any living entity (Wikipedia).


Japanese named it , or "Khí".
This Vital Force is an intangible energy that flows through every living thing.
This life-power was widely used also in their martial arts (karate, jiu-jitsu and/or judo).

The Polynesians called the mysterious life force: Mana.
In Polynesia, this mystical energy was called "mana" or "ha".
They derived from it the practices of Kahuna.

In the living organism: Chi-Energy, Ki, Od, Bio-Energy, Prana, Life Energy, Life Force (or; Life Force Energy), etc., etc. (every culture and language has its own name for the -basically- same energy).

In many cultures it was perceived as "psychic power" and, as well, life force, and they also noticed that life force & life energy (orgone-energy) can be directed.
The practices of Yoga and Chi Gong / chi kung emerged from such knowledge.

Modern Western terms for life force & life energy are; "orgone", "animal magnetism", "magnetic fluid", "odic force", "Solar ether", "bio-energy" and others.

Some people realized in our days soon, that it was this life-force & life-energy, which Wilhelm Reich called orgone (orgone energy), which was the "motor" of anything that is called "paranormal" in our otherwise "enlightened" times.
In fact, nothing that is the result of appplied orgone-energy is "para" (beyond) normal.

Throughout history, humans have widely used life force & life energy for many purposes

This use of life force & life energy (orgone-energy), was always the result of practical experience.

We can safely assume that early humans felt life force & life energy or orgone energy, just as most humans of our days can feel orgone-energy, once they have been made aware of its existence.

With the establishment of scientific principles and scientific thinking, many researchers examined the phenomena of life force, chi-energy and orgone energy, and they developed specific theories with which they explained their observations and practical applications.

We have mentioned before the practices of yoga and chi gong.
In Polynesia, orgone energy was called "mana", in many cultures it was perceived as "psychic power" and -as well- life force.

This life force & life energy technology has been used widely and consciously for the benefit of humankind possibly for as long as humankind has been roaming this planet.

In fact, after our research, we can now safely assume, that all of these phenomena belong to the natural interaction of humans, if not all living beings that we know of, with their environments.
We will show evidence of this point later.

Belonging to the first technologies of humankind, methods of applying life force & life energy or orgone energy naturally became part of humans’ religious belief systems, very similar to the use of fire, the making of metals, and natural phenomena, most of which they experienced without understanding their causes.

Therefore, much of the time, the practical application of orgone energy was linked closely to the religious creed of the culture where it was used.
Moreover, whenever an application of life force & life energy or orgone energy was successful, such a success was considered to be proof of the religious creed of the practitioner and his or her piety or "righteousness" as many of today's religionists prefer to call it.

Here we certainly cannot give you a comprehensive history of life energy & life force, or orgone energy, just some pointers and ideas of how it has been used.

In fact, most of the ancient healing practices, shamanism, religious miracles, special power of priests and their spiritual work, are unthinkable without the use of life energy & life force, or orgone energy.

This is so, because, as we are going to show you later, any action at a distance is based on the use of "structural links" in combination with life force & life energy, or orgone energy.

In fact, the proof of this fundamental common functional principle (CFP) of any action at a distance (call it shamanism, spiritual work, healing at a distance, or whatever you like) is extremely simple and you will gain the evidence of this with the life force & life energy, or orgone energy Transfer Test and, especially, with the water optimizer test.

This latter test will be a demonstration, a direct evidence and proof of the transfer of specific characteristics, not just of orgone energy (life energy & life force) itself.

Now, let's explore academic sciences and their relation to mythological approaches.

As we mentioned before, widespread use of life force & life energy, chi, ki, prana, mana, animal magnetism, personal magnetism, orgone-energy, or bio-energy, etc., has existed for as long as humankind roamed this planet.

Moreover, such uses almost always have been making use of the fact that life energy & life force can directed with the human mind and that it can be transferred at a distance.

In fact, life force & life energy can be transferred at any distance(!), no matter how far away the target of the operation may be.

Early humans simply knew of this fact, and this knowledge was based on their experiences with this energy and the applications and technologies that they derived from this knowledge and their previous experiences.

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Motto / Quote:
"Because the eye gazes and catches no glimpse of it, it is called elusive;
Because the ear cannot hear it, it's called rarified;
because the hand cannot feel it, it is called infinitesimal;
it's rising brings no heat, it's sinking no darkness.
It is called CHI."
Tao Te Ching

Pioneers of Life Force & Life Energy Technology and Science

Today's situation concerning a more widely accepted approach to life force & life energy technology is not unlike some of the problems that pioneers of sciences -such as the transfer with electromagnetic signals- had to experience in the past as a result of prejudices from the scientific as well as religious communities.

Guglielmo Marconi, was the assistant of Nicola Tesla, who was credited as the inventor of wireless signal transfer, and who was at the brink of being put into the mental asylum, he used a form- and a kind of "structural link" to achieve results.

Much earlier than Marconi, Samuel Morse's invention of the telegraph, where he used wires to transfer signals at a distance rather than the "thin air" of Marconi, was widely rejected at first by just about any monarch and industrialist with whom he discussed his invention.
Only the Russian Tsar had the foresight to build a telegraphic line. Since the Russian church saw a threat to their authority if the tsar had better means of communication that they did, they mobilized mobs of the Russian population to tear down that "outcropping of ideas of the devil."
We call this type attitude "vested interests" in our otherwise so enlightened times.

To come closer to our times, think of the internet.
Some 30-35 years ago, anybody who may have dared to tell others about a reality of connecting with people directly at no cost across continents and getting masses of information at the click of a mouse, may have been considered a "crackpot."
The old broadcasts of "beyond 2000" were basically all about cars and a couple of other technologies.
Nobody back then thought of the internet.

Therefore, let's not forget, that most of these controversial things that have been practiced since the dawn of humankind, and of which we are going to speak in the following, are based on scientific principles, plain and simple.

We have demonstrated these principles and elaborated on them in our web site and our courses.
These ancient methods are science that has been mythologized for a long time, for way too long(!), and they have been mythologized by people who either had a vested interest in doing so or who simply were not capable of developing a scientific model of action at a distance.
Think of what we said about the internet, about Samuel Morse and about Marconi, and we don't forgot neither Tesla.

Therefore, you can find out soon the following important fact:
When we are talking of action at a distance that is based on the transfer of life force & life energy by means of structural links, we are dealing with science and we are going to show you the "how"- and "why" in the following.

In addition to this, you will be able to perform a series of tests that will provide you with direct evidence.

Such evidence is worth more than a thousand words.

In other words, such "Action At a Distance - AAD" is scientific, not mythological.
It is part of the basic principles of lifeforce & lifeenergy, and it is based on a set of technologies that have been derived from these principles.

In fact, you are going to gain your own direct evidence first hand, when you are going to perform the Life Force & Life Energy (chi & prana & orgone-energy) transfer test »»

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Franz Anton Mesmer
Franz Anton Mesmer
and his "animal magnetism" and/or "magnetic fluid"

One of the most important pioneers of life energy & life force (chi-, prana and orgone-energy) technology was Mesmer who lived some 200 years ago.
Franz Anton Mesmer (1734 - 1815) is a prominent figure from the 18th century who believed he had discovered what he called 'Animal Magnetism'.
gave of this subtle energy the label "animal magnetism"  and "magnetic fluid", and he built the first accumulators of this energy.
In our days, his followers use the word "personal magnetism."

Since he was a medical doctor, he used his lifeenergy & lifeforce accumulators -mainly- for healing purposes. (!)

Mesmer treated his patients using magnets and oak tubs part filled with iron filings and this may be an important key point.
His life force & life energy ("animal magnetism" or "magnetic fluid"; or 'orgone energy') accumulators were wooden barrels that he filled with iron filings.

He developed methods to magnetize ("mesmerize") people for healing.
He also set up devices that seemed to cause a healing. These devices were wooden barrels that he had filled with iron filings and that had iron rods sticking out.
People who wanted a healing held these rods in their hands.

Without being aware of the actual principles that made these devices life force & life energy (or; orgone) accumulators (Wilhelm Reich established the corresponding theories some 150 years after Mesmer, when he built his orgone accumulators that were structurally very similar to Mesmer's barrels), Mesmer succeeded in making very powerful lifeforce & lifeenergy accumulators that worked well; a success that was possibly achieved by trial and error in conjunction with some very intelligent guesses.

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Baron Karl von Reichenbach and his "Od" / "Odic Force'"

Very interesting was the research of Baron Karl von Reichenbach during the first part of the 19th century.

Reichenbach (called life energy "Odic Force."
Von Reichenbach coined the name from that of the Norse god Odin in 1845.

He conducted thousands of tests with more than hundred sensitive people and he developed a comprehensive theory concerning this energy. He associated Odic force with biological electromagnetic fields.
It was belived and proposed that Odic force permeated all forms of life and that it is somehow related or similar to electricity, magnetism and heat. Reichenback also believed that Odic force was radiated by most substances.

Reichenbach Karl von Reichenbach limited himself to describing this energy and the observed effects of lifeforce & lifeenergy (chi-, prana & orgone-energy), which he labeled "Od."
He secured the help of more than 120 "sensitive persons" who could see and feel orgone energy, and whose descriptions were practically identical.

Von Reichenbach hoped to develop scientific proof for a universal life force / od; however, his experiments relied on perceptions reported by individuals who claimed to be "sensitive", as he himself could not observe any of the reported phenomena.
The "sensitives" had to work in total or near-total darkness to be able to observe the phenomena.

This proponents of Odic force claimed that it could be seen surrounding magnets, crystals and living beings as auras but that only sensitive people are able to see it, often after spending several hours in thedark (sensory deprivation).

Baron Karl von Reichenbach was careful not to tell them what they were supposed to "see" or "feel".

According to a lengthy article (almost book-length article - Researches on Magnetism, Electricity, Heat and Light in their Relations to Vital Forces), which Reichenbach had published in the scientific journal, Annalen der Chemie und Physik:
- Odic force had a positive and negative flux, and a light and dark side.
- Individuals could forcefully "emanate" it, particularly from the hands, mouth, and forehead.
- The Odic force had many possible applications.

While humankind readily accepted his inventions of creosote, formaldehyde and special procedures in manufacturing steel, his research of OD, life force & life energy (chi /qi-, prana & orgone energy) was rejected by the "scientific" community, of course.

Like in our enlightened times, this was a community which certainly excelled in making untenable and unprovable statements such as that "the laws of physics are the same everywhere in the universe" -- hmmm (??!) - interestingly enough, that ludicrous and totally unprovable assumption is still the "scientific" dogma in our otherwise enlightened times.

Let's face it: humans barely left the stratosphere of their own planet - how can some folks claim to know all about the vast universe? - very scientific thinking, indeed!

Recommendation of KHW: Von Reichenbach's books certainly are worth reading!

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and his "Solar Ether"

Around 1900, Korschelt succeeded in building a "Solar Ether Radiation Apparatus", which, when analyzed more closely and tested, turned out to be an orgone accumulator.

The addition of a battery current turned out to be irrelevant in our experiments with the device.

Electricity, during those times, had often the function of being a catch word just as are "quantum mechanics, relativity" and of recent "nanotechnology" in our days: words that are used liberally by marketers of crystal powders and other New-Age products; words that are misdefined to fit their specific products more often than not.

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Lakhovsky's "Oscillating Coils" ('Sympathetic Waves')

Lakhovsky believed that all organisms acted as receivers and transmitters of high frequency oscillations and built several devices based on this principle, including oscillating circuits and the Multi-Wave Oscillator.

He carried out an experiment on plants using a simple open-ended copper coil 30-cm in diameter which he placed around the stem of one of the plants.
The one plant with the antenna went on to grow healthier and more robust than the others A total of ten geranium plants were used in the experiment with only one plant having a coil attached to it.

Lakhovsky's theory was that the oscillating circuits captured sympathetic waves from the cosmos which resonate at the same frequency as the harmonics of the frequency that weak cells oscillate. The concept became popular with people who wore necklaces and bracelets which utilized oscillating coils.

Lakhovsky came to the conclusion that these sympathetic waves are bombarding the Earth from space and that some are also produced by the Earth itself.
Essentially, Lakhovsky demonstrated that cells emit and receive electromagnetic radiations at their own high frequencies. Lahovsky used his multi-wave oscillator to treat many patients. Many people today still use Multi-Wave Oscillators as a form of alternative therapy.

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Wilhelm Reich
Wilhelm Reich and his "Orgone"

Dr. Wilhelm Reich used the term "Orgone" for life force energy.
His scientific theory was the most advanced model of life force & life energy, until the development of hyper space mathematics by Karl Hans Welz.

Wilhelm Reich invented the orgone accumulator.
He used this device to charge people with life energies for a healing.
He expanded on describing the characteristics of life energy or orgone.

Having been a disciple of Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich examined the physical energy that is released during sexual activity and consequently he discovered that life force, which he called orgone, is this energy.

We cannot know how much Mesmer's research and inventions influenced Reich's work.
Both being austrian physicians and Reich having studied Hypnosis under Freud, he certainly was thoroughly familiar with Mesmer's work.

In fact, in European literature about hypnosis, Mesmer and his accumulators of "animal magnetism" and "magnetic fluid" are common knowledge, and Franz Anton Mesmer is mentioned as an important pioneer of hypnosis in practically all introductory works on the subject.

Having studied in Vienna with Freud and his studies included hypnotism, Wilhelm Reich certainly knew the work of Mesmer, of course, whose name appeared as one of its pioneers in practically all publications and books in German language concerning hypnotism!

Reich may have considered it necessary not to mention Mesmer's name anywhere in his works, because Mesmer was widely considered as having been a quack who promoted "animal magnetism" and even showed how to feel it.

Interesting enough, in Reich's works there is also absolutely no mention of Karl von Reichenbach and his research of life energy & life force.
Reichenbach and his extensive work about life force, which he called "Od," has also been widely known among students of hypnosis in Vienna, where Reich studied under Freud, and hypnosis was one of the subjects he studied.

Coming from an entirely new angle and living in a scientifically more advanced era than his predecessors, Reich was capable to formulate a significantly more modern approach to orgone energy, which was as extensive as the research that Karl von Reichenbach had published.

Wilhelm Reich observed orgone energy and used it for many purposes.
As a first, he showed that orgone energy followed the principle of negative energy, i.e., that the stronger potential of orgone energy is drawing energy from the weaker potential, and he showed how this negative entropy was the motor of many biological, meteorological and other processes in nature.

Furthermore, Wilhelm Reich was the first person to be aware of the existence of "DOR," or Deadly Orgone energy, as he called it.
DOR, according to Reich, is a stale form of orgone energy, which can cause serious health problems in humans.

With his Oranur experiment, massive amounts of this DOR developed, which made necessary a temporary abandoning of his facilities and the dismantling of the orgone accumulators in that area.

Although Reich apparently was the first scientist to recognize that orgone energy (life force & life energy) follows the principle of negative entropy, he was entirely unaware of its transfer at any distance.

A closer examination of the processes involved in his "cloud busting" techniques (devices for cloudbusting was also an invention by Reich) could have led him to this conclusion, as would have a deeper scientific approach of the characteristic of negative entropy.

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Karl Hans Welz
Karl Hans Welz: Orgonite®

Welz and his scientific research in fields of Life Energy & Life Force

Soon after having started his own research of orgone energy -life force & life energy- more than 30 years ago, he recognized that the principle of negative entropy and transfer at any distance, when seen within the space that is defined by electromagnetic energies (the "visual" space), are two modes of expression of one and the same characteristic of life energy & life force, just as the principle of entropy and the distance-characteristics of the "visual" space can be viewed as two modes of expression of one and the same principle.
Similar to space-time (indicating that these two principles are inseparable), we can hyphenate the term "negative entropy - transfer at any distance".

Karl Welz discovered the scientific basis for the transfer of life energy & life force (orgone energy) at any distance, years before he invented the orgone generator® or chi generator®, or prana generator®, in 1991.

After his invention of the orgone generator®, still during the same year and before he began to market the first orgone generators® & prana generator® & chi generators®, he was capable of establishing proof of this transfer by succeeding in a signal transfer from machine-to-machine.

Witch doctors and/or shamans of the old, of course, knew about this and used it in their practices for tens of thousands of years.
They needed no scientific proof, since they have had immediate evidence of this characteristic of life force/orgone energy on a daily basis, whenever they did (and still do) their "spiritual" work.

One way of mapping this situation is to view it as being expressed by simple coordinate tranformations:
when the space of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) is set up as continuous, then the space of orgone energy becomes "choppy," non-continuous, and vice versa.

In either case the principle counts that he formulated:
the "shortest distance between two points in the respective spaces is a structural link".

"Structural link" is another term that he coined when referring to life force & life energy (chi, prana, magnetic fluidum, od or orgone), and this is as valid for the space of electromagnetic frequencies as it is for the space that is defined by orgone -chi & prana- energy.

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Karl Hans Welz and his invention of the Orgone Generator®, Prana Generator® and Chi Generator®

Although he introduced new scientific concepts to explain orgone energy, as he called it, Wilhelm Reich had no idea that orgone energy can be -not only acumulated, but also- generated.

For the invention of the orgone generator® & prana generator® and chi generator®, Karl Welz have to give credit to three persons:
Franz Anton Mesmer, Baron Karl von Reichenbach and Wilhelm Reich, of course.

When examining Franz Anton Mesmer's "magnetizing" methods, he realized that this method does not transfer "magnetic fluid" or "animal magnetism" from the magnetiseur (the person practicing the Mesmer passés, i.e., moving the hands along the body, about one inch distant).
In fact, with this practice new orgone energy is generated.

He was also aware that since ancient times some shamans, magicians or spiritual workers generated orgone energy by rotating their hands relative to each other.

Karl von Reichenbach's work in which he examined the connections between magnetism and life energy (Od- or orgone) was a crucial help as was the structure of the Reichian orgone accumulator, which was more evolved than Mesmer's barrels that were filled with iron filings.

In his work at a distance -at any distance!- (some call it magic - or "magick"), Karl realized that such action was possible as a result of the creation of a strong field of orgone energy (Chi, Od, Mana, Prana, Life Energy & Life Force, etc.) and its sudden shift.

Spiritual workers and magicians of the old, shamans, priests, etc., achieved this with the help of a wide variety of methods: at first methods are used to accumulating orgone energy; either by drawing it in one's body, generating it by dancing or with high emotional outbursts, with methods of sexual magic, all the way to killing animals.
The next step was always to direct this orgone energy - consciously or non-consciously (following some "ritual" that works, and the function of which the practitionner does not necessarily need to understand) and directing the orgone that has been generated towards the envisioned goal.

This gave the idea of building a device that accumulates orgone energy and -after- shifts it.

The next step was to build a device in which these orgone fileds are shifted, so new orgone (orgone-energy) was generated.

He finally had a device that was independent from the amount of orgone energy in the surrounding atmospehre and which, in fact, generated new /powerful flux and field of- orgone energy.
This was the first orgone generator® & chi generator® & prana generator® on our planet. (!)

The stronger the supplying orgone accumulators are, the stronger is the output of the orgone generator, of which they are part.

The first orgone generator on the market (in 1992) was a cylinder, about 4 inches diameter and 12 inches long, with a pipe going through it.

Up... | LifeForce Technology & the LifeEnergy Equipments (with built-in Chi Generators® & Orgone Generators® made with Orgonite™ & SuperOrgonite™)

Karl Hans Welz & the invention of Orgonite®

orgonite® Less than one year after he invented the orgone generator®, in 1992, Karl invented a much more effective orgone accumulating material, which he gave the name "orgonite®".

With time, he added more and more -different- materials to this basic mixture, making orgonite® increasingly effective, which eventually evolved into today's super-orgonite® (SuperOrgonite®).

Karl affirmed once:
"The formulas of these mixtures remain proprietary and I certainly enjoyed giving -some- false information to people who, faking an attitude of "being nice," made every attempt to pry this secret from me".

Up... | LifeForce Technology & the LifeEnergy Equipments (with built-in Chi Generators® & Orgone Generators® made with Orgonite™ & SuperOrgonite™)

Karl Hans Welz & the Transfer at a Distance - the 'Structural Link' & the Theory of Structural Linkage -

Signal transmission Machine to Machine, crossing the Atlantic...

Before Karl Hans Welz invented the orgone generator® (chi generator® & prana generator®), he was aware of the transfer of life energy & life force, or orgone energy, at any distance.

This insight was a natural consequence of his dual background, mathematics and physics as well as practice of so-called "meta-physical" disciplines, where action at a distance has been an integral part for millennia.
Soon, he recognized that such action is not "meta" at all, and that it, in fact, is purely physical and scientific.

Life Energy & Life Force and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) can be viewed as being integral parts of a continuum that encompassed both.
With either energy, we can define 'distance as a result of structural differences'. (!)

While EMF based energies follow the principle of entropy, Life Energy & Life Force (LE & LF) based energies follow the principle of negative entropy.
From that difference, the other characteristics of these two polarities of energies follow naturally.

For orgone energy (life energy & life force), structural links are either near-identical or equivalent.

This knowledge of structural links, besides being of use in work at a distance, led to another "first."

This was the first signal transmission machine to machine, using life force & life energy (orgone energy) instead of radio waves (electromagnetic energy).
He succeeded in such transmission a few weeks after he invented the orgone generator® (chi generator® & prana generator®).
The receiving equipment is relatively simple, and for very obvious reasons he is refraining from describing it.
In all, this transmission, later, at Christmas 1997, across the Atlantic, where he needed no amplifiers at all, was proof for the validity of what he called "structural links".

'Structural link™' is another term that ripoff artists are using liberally without giving him the credit for it.

If you are interested to test the transfer of orgone-energy (chi-, prana-, od, bio-energy, life force & life energy), all you need to do is call or e-mail us, or click here to have an orgone energy & prana energy & chi energy test e-mailed to you.





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Kit I. (Basic KIT - almost mandatory): Life Force & Life Energy generator Equipment(s) powered with & boosted by Vitality Generators; Chi Generators® & Prana Generators® & Orgone Generators® + DC wall transformer (AC / DC adapter) + Structural Link(s) + shipping cost + (additional) online support (!)
Kit II.: KIT I. + Power Radionic 'Manifestation' program
Kit III.: KIT I. or / and KIT II. + Filters Packs / Symbols  +  Sounds & Frequencies
Kit IV.: KIT I. or / and KIT II. or / and KIT III. + Chi Vitality Cards - the most complex, complete and the best choice !

Order in KITs to SAVE money!


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More energy for manifestation? Yes, of course! Start- and use your Life Energy & Life Force Equipment to increase your chances of overall success in the manifestation process and in any of your desired action / activity!


Life Force & Life Energy generator Equipments Special Accessories
A Very Specific Structural Link

Chi Vitality Cards® / Chi Energy Card(s)

Powerful & continuous flow of Chi- (Life)Energy & Vitality for you, -directly- in your pocket and / or billfold; at the best & lowest price! Now also on your computer / laptop, tablet / iPad and on your mobile phone!
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  yellowball Chi Vitality Card

not just printed, but now -also- on your computer, tablet & 'smart phone' / mobile phone !

 . . ~
yellowball Chi Vitality Card™ #3
Chi Vitality Card
hellblau | Chi Vitality Card valid- and active 3 months + for free; one / any -magickal- symbol at your choice from the AOD pack
ONLY in this month!

USD ($), or equivalent in (EUR)
 . . ~
yellowball Chi Vitality Card™ #150
Chi Vitality Card
hellblau | Chi Vitality Card valid- and active 150 days / 5 months(!) + for free (as a gift); two of any -astrological or magickal- symbol at your choice OR one special frequency
ONLY in this month!

USD ($), or equivalent in (EUR)
. ~
yellowball Chi Vitality Card™ #12
Chi Vitality Card
hellblau | Chi Vitality Card valid- and active 12 months: starting from $79.90

The "lucky ones" can order now (for a very limited time period) with a -10% Discount!
  Excellent -unique- opportunity (only now, just for limited period of time) !  
1helgruen | Chi Vitality Card Personalised Life Energy VITALITY Chi Card #5 (valid- and active 5 months, HD type)  +  the MANIFESTATION Programfor PCs (including the AOD 48 - Alphabet of Desire symbol pack):
 $248   $199 USD ($), or equivalent in (EUR) or £ (Pounds)
Chi Vitality Card  +  manifestation program - marketing success
hellblau | Chi Vitality Card Personalised Life Energy VITALITY Chi Card #12 (valid- and active 12 months, HD type)  +  the 'tiptop' MANIFESTATION Programfor PCs (including ALL the -new- 9 packs of AOD - Alphabet of Desire symbol packs):
 $468   $369 USD ($), or equivalent in (EUR) or £ (Pounds)
lifeenergy One time offer to order this special kit / item (with considerable discount): !
Special Specific Frequencies: RUNES (ALL twelve octaves) at half price! $228 $114
Information regarding the download will be sent in max. 48 hours after purchasing was made, in a separate email.
This unique offer will be shown only once per session. Don't loose this favorable possibility and don't waste this auspicious opportunity because afterward you will be sorry and surely will regret it! Order it now!

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LIFE ENERGY Generator Equipments

LIFE ENERGY Generator Equipments

Energy & Vitality to You and for Your Success!


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