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“One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.”
Michael Korda


How to build your future life?

What if you have enough time and money, how would you build your life?

Usually we build our life out of fear and scarcity. That’s what our mindset remains, when we follow our daily schedule.

Our thoughts and actions don’t come out of abundance, rather it comes out of scarcity. You build your present and future life out of it.

To build your present and future life, you should have an abundance mindset. You have to create something that stays eternal, and you have to assume you have enough that gives you peace in the moment.

It’s only with the peaceful mind, you create something substantial that can serve everyone.

There are few points that comes to my mind that can be useful to everyone to create future life:

Abundance mentality.

Your perspective should be of abundance. To create your present and future life, you have to think in terms of abundance. Only then you can do justice to the moment. Otherwise your mind will only think out of scarcity.

Time and wealth are the two things that create fear and scarcity in you. If you think you have a limited amount of time, you tend to hurry in life with everything. If you think you have a limited amount of wealth, it again creates scarcity of thoughts, and your life revolves accordingly.

When your thoughts come out of abundance, you create your everyday life accordingly. It’s your everyday thoughts that manifest your life.

Correct your past to build your present life.

All the corrections in your life are possible at the moment. You might have made an error in the past, but the correction is possible in the moment. This is how you build your life. By correcting your past, and building a future out of it.

The correction is required on an everyday basis. The progress in your life is possible by making corrections in your life on an everyday basis. This is how you build your future life.

Everyday you have to take time out to evaluate your actions. This evaluation allows you to see your mistakes and allows you to make corrections in the moment.

Your future out of present life.

Your future life comes out of your present life. The way you take care of your present, you see the effect of it in the future. The more conscious you are in the present moment, the more consciously you build your future life.

Your life doesn’t happen on its own. It’s your creation knowingly or unknowingly. When you are aware in the moment that you are building your future, you become more conscious of your present choices and decisions. 

Your everyday schedule defines your future. Your future life comes out of your everyday life. You build your life in the moment.

Everyday life is a celebration.

Life is a celebration. When you are building your life consciously, you will observe that life is a celebration. Everyday is a festival. You are building something everyday. You are creating something everyday.

Life is a joy to you. You are rejoicing in life. When you closely observe life, you will notice that life is joyful. It’s the creation that brings joy to you.

Life is all about perspective. The same situation can add pain and pleasure to your life. It’s all about how you see things. If your perspective is positive about every situation, you find joy in every situation of your life.

Your powerful thoughts are key to your future life.

To create your future, you need powerful thoughts in the moment. You have to stay aware of the thoughts of your mind. Your thoughts create your life.

It’s not only thoughts, but powerful thoughts. The thoughts that build your life. These are not the thoughts that come to you, rather you consciously think those thoughts. You create your thoughts around your future life.

When you consciously live life in the moment, everything serves you in the moment. From your thoughts to imagination to your perspective to everything that pops up into your mind.

Purify yourself.

Your outer life is a reflection of your inner self. The more you purify your inner self, the more you experience the same in the outside world.

When you move out to build your new life, you will find the restrictions not from outside rather inside. It’s your own thoughts, feelings and emotions that will stop you from building your new life. You will need all the corrections inside.

When you start purifying your body and mind you will see the effect of it in the outside world. Both your inner as well as outside world are correlated.

To build your future life you will need to work both in your inner as well as outside world. You have to go through the whole process. Start working on your better tomorrow and you will observe the effect of it, on an everyday basis.

The work is required but once you connect with the process of it, you will notice that the things are happening on its own. All you need to do is connect with the right process and you will observe yourself flowing with the natural process of life.

By Roshan Sharma -
Courtesy to / mind-over-matter-and-spirit-over-mind

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"More energy is encapsulated in every drop of good spring water than an average-sized PowerStation is presently able to produce."
Viktor Schauberger


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