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It is called CHI."
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The Secret Behind The Secret: How the Law of Attraction Works

...or the real reason why the law of attraction is maybe not working for you… (and how you can change this!)

The fact that you're looking for the Law of Attraction and how to manifest your dream life tells me that you probably know the book or the movie The Secret. But do you also know the secret behind The Secret? Or are you still waiting for the universe to deliver your orders? Then you should read this article where I explain exactly how manifesting with the Law of Attraction really works.

As the Author of the Law of Attraction bestseller, “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life,” and with over a decade experiences, working as an NLP and manifestation coach, I helped thousands of women like you to manifest the life they love.

And let me tell you, why isn’t this stuff working for me,” is probably the number one thing I hear from new readers right before they get a massive breakthrough in manifesting their dreams.

I met so many struggling to make the Law of Attraction work, besides they have read a ton of books and tried all the new “rituals” and “techniques” they heard about on social media (…55×5 anyone?!

It just breaks my heart, because I know that there is a big untold secret behind all the manifesting books, just like the “The Secret” – and it’s time that you learn about it…

Look, I get it. It’s super frustrating and really disappointing when you’ve been journaling your heart out, spending all this time visualizing your dream life, or even tapped your fingers sore…

But still, your manifestations haven’t shown up. At least not the truly AWESOME ones…

It’s time that we change that. Are you in?

Great, then read on!

Ask, Believe, Receive?

You probably know this famous secret quote. It quickly became the blueprint for all those who wanted to manifest their dreams…

And for me, it became the most misleading three words, once I started to understand how manifestation really works. 

As you clicked through to this post here, I assume that you are still not 100% happy with your manifestations. And you are still looking for that big secret?

Then you are in the RIGHT place.

And let me tell you this, YOU are NOT alone my friend…

The Only Problem is, There is a Lot of Bad Advice About Manifestation

Unfortunately, there is a ton of misleading or incomplete content around manifestation out there.

If your vision board hasn’t come true yet, it’s not your fault.

These content creators, coaches, social media influencers talking about the Law of Attraction might have good intentions…

…or they don’t, and they simply want to make some quick money (trying to sell you into their expensive coaching programs.)

But when someone wants to make you believe that you just have to “trust the universe,” and all your dreams will come true, they don’t tell you the (full) truth.

Or they might just don’t know it any better and copy the same old stuff that we all already know from books like “The Secret.”

(ask, believe, receive… remember?)

Ask, believe, receive sounds great on an Instagram quote, but it’s not advice you can put into action.

And that’s where the problem really starts…

Following bad manifesting advice from some inspirational fluff (like 95% of the Instagram quotes) will not get you any results…

Or at least not the results you have hoped for.

And this is frustrating and makes you feel helpless.

You might start asking yourself, is the Law of Attraction even real? And if so, why doesn’t it work for me then?

At least, that was the exact question I asked myself…

After investing so much time and energy in learning how to attract the things I desired, and always walking away with “just getting almost” what I wanted, I’ve had enough.

I nearly gave up… (believing that the LoA is just some woo-woo BS… And clearly not working for everyone.)

But (luckily) I didn’t. I gave the LoA one last chance. And I finally had this big epiphany WHY I was never able to get what I truly desired.

Because that old idea, of ask, believe, receive, is just broken.

So I flipped the script… and it started to work…

And you can have this too…

♥ Imagine how great it feels when you can finally tick off all the lovely things from your dream board.

♥ When you start writing in your gratitude journal, and you quickly run out of empty pages because you have soooo much to be grateful for.

♥ The love you feel, when you can help others and make a difference in the world because you are finally aligned with your dreams and big visions in life…

I can tell you; it feels AWESOME!

You deserve to live the life you are truly in love with, so let’s dive into the secret I discovered ten years ago so that you can finally make the Law of Attraction work FOR you and not against you.

Let’s get started by busting some misconceptions… 

The HOW is NOT Your Job When Manifesting

If there was an award for the worst manifesting advice, this sentence would get it.

The HOW is NOT your job? (Really?)

I have spent the last decade helping women around the world to manifest their desires. 

From their dream business to manifesting true love, a pretty new house, or just some extra cash in their bank account…

And I can guarantee you one thing:

Manifesting what you want is not difficult. And you absolutely don’t need any expensive coaching for it.

But you need to know the HOW…

And yes, I know that everyone else is telling you that the HOW is not your job when manifesting.

But think about it for a moment, without giving your subconscious mind a plan, how should it bring you where you want to go?


Your Subconscious Mind is Key For Your Manifestation

Your subconscious mind (or call it the universe if you like) is not the smartest… In fact, it can’t do anything without your help.

So you have to guide it, and for this, you need to know the HOW.

I totally agree that the HOW is not your job when you “ask” – in other words, set your BIG goals.

In the position of the dreamer, where you set your goals, you just have to dream…

But for all the other steps in the manifestation process, you need to know the HOW.

Otherwise, you will remain helpless forever – and wonder why this thing doesn’t work for you.

Why Your Believe is NOT Enough

So you asked the universe for (insert your BIG dream here)… 

Then you did some mindset work, got yourself truly aligned with your dream, and of course, you did believe that the universe will deliver.

It worked for Oprah, so it must work for you, right?

But then… Crickets!

And you asked yourself (again), “why did my manifestation fail?”

Welcome to the club of non-receivers…

It’s not a popular one, but one that gets still frequented very often.

The thing is, books like The Secret tell us, that we can just ask, BELIEVE, receive…

But between you and me, when did this work for you?

Let me make one point clear… 

Not all is wrong with the teachings you get from “The Secret.” (And it’s a wonderful and inspiring law of attraction book. No doubt.)

And when it comes to the fact that the Law of Attraction is a law, and always works, it’s correct.

So really, what you learned about the law of attraction so far was NOT the real problem…

What you are missing, if it’s NOT working for you, is HOW to leverage this law properly.

The Law of Attraction, like any other universal law, does work. ALWAYS.

Like the law of gravity; If you drop something, it will land on the floor.

Every time.

So does the law of attraction work. What you concentrate on you will draw into your life.

Every time.

The problem with the Law of Attraction (or any of the universal laws you need to activate when manifesting) is this; it might just don’t work the way you think it should, or you like it to work…

That’s what happened to me when I started my own manifesting journey.

When I heard about the Law of Attraction for the very first time, I was blown away.

It was like, heck yes, the universe is like Amazon, and I just got an endless supply of gift cards.

I loved the idea of placing “orders with the universe!” 

At that time, I was in a desperate situation.

I experienced my whole life falling apart right before my eyes, and I was not able to do anything to stop this. I felt helpless.

Long story short… Discovering the law of attraction felt to me as if I’d found the solution to all of my problems. I knew straight away that the methods and ideas I’d heard about it, would change my life.

I started immediately to implement everything I learned into my life.

And I did it all wrong.

I asked, believed… But nothing happened…

Does this sound familiar?

I was so frustrated! How can this be? I was doing everything which I was told to do so…

Why did I still receive bills instead of checks in my mailbox?

Well, if this happened to you, some might tell you that you are “just not enough aligned with the universe”…

But that’s not true, and I will tell you exactly what the problem is and how you can change it.

The first thing you need to know is WHY this ask, believe, receive thing isn’t working.

“The Secret” is Misleading  (Somehow)

A bold statement.

I know… (But I mean it!)

First: It’s not relevant how strong or “good” you believe. It IS a law.

We learned that the Law of Attraction (as any of the universal laws), is always working.

You are always manifesting. If you believe in it or not.

The characteristic of every law is that it works every time. Predictable and reliable, like a Swiss watch.

“Laws don’t give a s*** about how strong you believe. They work on the principle of action and reaction.”

You act in a certain way; you get the appropriate reaction.

Or put differently: “If you want a certain reaction or result, you have to take the needed actions.”  

It’s as easy as that.

So let me ask you one important question; If laws are based on the fact that your actions trigger a reaction, how on earth can anyone really believe that ask, believe, (drink some Earl Grey), and then receive, really works?

And that brings us directly to the next problem…

You might just focus on the wrong part of the process!

“Ask, believe, receive,” makes it look so easy…

Like you can just set a goal, pour yourself a glass of wine, and wait for all the awesome stuff to show up.

But that’s very passive, and I’ll tell you, you can finish the entire bottle (and start a second one) your manifestations won’t just show up.

To make the magic happen, you need to activate another universal law first, the Law of Action.

The most important part of the manifestation process is by far the last step, call it to receive or achieve (your goals); it is the manifestation itself.

Edited in 2021: before we move on, and interesting side note. A reader just pointed out to me, many years after I originally posted this post here, that the original teachers from the film “The Secret” were speaking in a documentation about the one thing, the most important thing about the law of attraction that they failed to mention years ago. Taking Action.

You Need to Take Action

Yes, to make things work, you actively have to take (inspired) action. Turns out, it has not much to do with believing, (drinking a cup of Earl Grey, or heck even a bottle of wine), and receiving…

Now, depending on what you have learned before about manifesting, this is new to you, or perhaps not.

But where I think most of the teachings out there fail is to show you how to take exactly such inspired action.

“Asking You to Take Action, Without Giving You The Practical Steps to Take, is the best recipe for failure…”

Setting the right kind of goals is where it all starts. You need goals that are big enough to motivate you to take action.

In other words, your goals need to activate the right triggers and the universal law that really makes the difference (a hint, it is NOT the Law of Attraction)

Specifically, one of the three types of goals, you want to work with when manifesting; your breakthrough goals.

These are the really big goals, the goals that bring you a quantum leap closer to your dream life.

The problem most people have, they actually never set goals that are big enough to activate the Law of Action.

And that’s where I believe that most teachings out there just got it wrong, or not teaching you the full picture (remember that HOW?)

And that’s why we are going to flip the script.

So let’s quickly look at what you might believe so far, how the manifesting process works… And what you should do differently in the future… 

The 3 Steps of Manifesting

  1. Ask (Order from the universe, in other words, set the RIGHT kind of goals)

  2. Expect (Work on your beliefs, and remove all your abundance blocks)

  3. Receive (Achieve, the actual manifestation of your goals, by taking the RIGHT action)

Step two teaches us that we need to expect the manifestation and let go.

And I know that this is the part, so many women do struggle with…

You need to believe, in other words, trust in the process.

The expectation of reaching every goal you have set for yourself is giving you the power and energy to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.

Without the right belief, why should you even get out of bed in the morning? Not to mention working hard on achieving your goals…

With the right goal and the expectation to reach it, you will do everything to get there.

But in real life, to rely solely on the belief is destined to fail.

In real life, we have many more blocks to deal with— abundance blocks such as emotional blocks, bad habits, relationships, or even your body and environment.

And that ONE block that will always stand between you and your dream, if you don’t take care of it, your limiting beliefs.

And yes, all these blocks can be solved.

But I go one step further…

Remember, I said you have to flip the script?

So you actually start working on your blocks first. It’s like making space for your desires before you actually set your goals. And we do that for a good reason…

Only when you remove your limiting beliefs first, will you be able to set goals big enough, that they activate the Law of Action.

That easy fix made such a difference for me but also for the thousands of women I had the privilege to work with.

When you start to identify and work on your blocks first and then set (the right kind of) goals, letting go will just feel natural.

And yes, manifesting may even feel like you could just sit in your garden, with a glass of Chardonnay, and wait for all the awesome stuff from your vision board to become real.

Because when you are in the flow, taking (inspired) action will suddenly come with ease…

Still, a little disclaimer, you won’t wake up in your dream house one morning, nor will your car keys change from a Mini Cooper to a Maserati overnight!

Your Actions Produce Your Manifestation. It’s NOT Magic!

In reality, Manifesting is a goal setting and goal achieving process.

One where the universe (your subconscious mind) has your back.

It’s not about believing and waiting and drinking some Earl Grey. It’s about planning, taking the right action, and achieving your big goals.

Manifesting is not really magic but very scientific. Look, you have a very powerful tool at your disposal.

A tool that is constantly analyzing and evaluating your environment and creating the perfect way for you to progress and finally achieve your goals.

This tool is constantly on duty and constantly working for you! It is the most powerful tool ever discovered, and it is completely free to use.

It’s your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind will tell you what the right actions are to finally reach your goal, and it will give you signals about what to do and when to do it.

You will feel an inner urge to take a specific action.

All you need to do is to understand and follow that inner urge.

Maybe your subconscious mind will tell you to call someone, or to buy a specific book, to book a flight… Get up and take action.

Go, and just do it…

You will very quickly see changes happen:

  • Changes in your life.
  • Changes in your behavior.
  • Changes in your results.

These changes are the beginnings of the manifestation.

The things you always wanted are starting to materialize in your life because you are taking the right action.

So ditch that Chardonnay and take out the Champagne!

Because I have good news for you, you are in complete control of your life. You can control every aspect of it.

Even your manifestations.

Everything that happens to you is a reaction to your actions and the signals you send out to the universal force which is reacting to it.

It’s your conscious decision.

And I can teach you how you can control your manifesting success.

How to Make the Law of Attraction Finally Work FOR You

This is the BIG secret everyone is looking for. And it’s not all that difficult…

Let’s quickly wrap that up. To finally manifest those pretty pictures from your vision board, you need to:

  • Identify and work on your manifesting blocks.
  • Set the right kind of goals. BIG breakthrough goals.
  • Take (inspired) action.

If you follow these simple three steps, in the right order, everything you ever wanted will come into your life.


(and hey, pssst, between you and me, there is no magic trick involved…)


The real big secret is that you do not ONLY concentrate on the law of attraction but the other universal laws that lead you to success.

And the MOST important one is the Law of Action!

It’s all about triggering the right emotional stage, to get you going.

And there is this ONE last tip I want to give you: You need to become the person that has already reached your BIG dream.

It all starts with the right program you imprint in your subconscious mind.

It’s all about creating this persona, that has already achieved the dream you are after, and then start living like her.

The more you “act as if,” the more you become her.

And the easier it is to understand when you have to take action…

This inner coach will always be there with you and tell you exactly what to do.

So YES! the HOW is your job, and in fact, this is the real secret behind The Secret.

Do You Want to Take Your Manifestation Success to The Next Level?

Listen Gorgeous, I love to share my best content for free because nothing makes me happier than to help others…

That’s also the reason why I have hundreds of free articles on my blog.

But let’s face it, this post is already very long, and you will understand that I can’t go as deep here as I go in my book…

So if you want to learn more about how to find out what stands between you and the dreams on your vision board. And how you can finally get rid of these blocks. 

If you rather want to do it on your own, of course, you can just binge-read my manifesting blog. As I said, there is a TON of free content here, just for you!

But if you love short cuts in life, my book will help you to manifest the stuff from your vision board, faster than your glue can dry.

So let’s make all your friends green with envy when you show up with your new amazing… (choose anything from your vision board, and we’ll make it real)…

Are you ready to manifest your dreams?

By Mia Fox (NLP Coach & Bestselling Manifestation Book Author) -
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