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“Why is intuition superior to reason?
- Because it does not depend upon experience or memory and frequently brings about the solution to our problems by methods concerning which we are in entire ignorance.”
Charles F. Haanel - The Master Key System


Mind over matter and Spirit over Mind

”Never cut what can be untied” by Paulo Coelho.

Yesterday I have read this quote from Paulo Coelho, and few things strike my mind. First, no matter what the differences you have in your personal or professional life, there is always a way to untie the knot, rather simply cut the things forever.

Usually, we follow the other way. It’s easier for us to cut the knot as it seems easier, and we assume all our problems with it will get resolved. To untie the knot takes a huge effort.

The mind over matter is still simpler, but to experience the spirit over mind, you have to go through the process of untying your life. The spirit is exactly tied with the mind and body, the way we are engaged in our personal and professional life.

We all are caught up in the complexities of life and don’t have any clue of how to get ourselves out of different situations of life.

To experience spirit over the mind requires time. You have to consciously devote time to experience life beyond mind. It requires conscious effort. The possibility of you experiencing the spirit certainly holds, but it doesn’t happen on its own.

You have to consciously set aside some time every day and sit with yourself to know the life that is happening within the mind and beyond.

To control the body, you need deeper connection with your mind, and so to control your mind, the only way that is possible is to experience the spirit in the body.

The spirit rules over both the body and mind.

To realize the spirit, presence is required. You have to stay aware during the whole process of meditation. No matter what happens inside, you remain as an observer. More you stay present in the moment, more your awareness grows in the moment.

As the spirit in the body begins to untie, your mind tends to expand throughout the process.

Life rotates in a circle. The spirit forms a circle within the mind and body, that rotates in an outward direction. When you remain unconscious at the level of mind, the spirit follows the outward circle following everything that goes into your mind and body.

When you consciously take time out to know your spirit and take your attention inward, with the inner attention the direction of the spirit changes, and it starts following the reverse cycle back to the source.

The life in you follows the process, in which the source comes first which then follows the spirit, then the mind, and then comes the body. With the inner attention, all the life energy moves inward and the spirit follows the reverse cycle back to the source.

The morning time is the best time to accelerate the process of self-realization. In the morning time, naturally the spirit unwinds in the direction of the source, and thus it becomes easier to experience the spirit, by practicing meditation in the morning time.

Nature serves us at every step if we align our life according to the natural process of life.

Everything that we do in our life is affected by our surroundings and environment around us. If we take support from our surroundings, it becomes easier to accelerate the process of self-realization.

Practicing meditation with the music helps us to hold our attention in the inner world and we can also read all the different activities that pass through our mind. Meditation music becomes the link between our attention and everything that goes into our mind.

The experience of the spirit happens when your mind is occupied in nothing. Your mind has to be absolutely empty before you experience the spirit in the body. The experience of the spirit opens a new door of reality for you and you become capable of experiencing life in its natural form without the biased perspective of your mind.

The experience of the spirit lies beneath the mind. So to experience the spirit, first of all, you have to experience the emptiness of the mind. It’s only when you stay with the emptiness of the mind, you develop the possibility to move deeper into the world of the spirit.

The process of self-realization asks for patience. You have to stay with the process every day and move deeper and deeper within the self to reach to the state of self-realization.

The experience of the spirit is just like an experience of a new born baby. To experience the child you have to wait for the nine months long period before you hold the baby in your hand. The same applies to the experience of the spirit.

There is no way you can cut short the process, rather all you can do is participate in the process and become an observer of the process that is happening in you. If you get into the process of self-realization and stay with the process, you are certainly going to experience the truth but at a right time.

With the experience of the spirit, all the longing of life disappears from within, and it gets replaced by peace and contentment. All your pain and suffering is replaced by the feeling of bliss and your ignorance is replaced by the wisdom of life.

You connect with the life that is happening in this moment and experiences the feeling of bliss every moment. The life as a whole is beautiful if you direct your life in a right direction and connect with the absolute truth of life.

If you keep yourself engaged in the mundane things and blame life for all the misfortune, then you will never able to realize the absolute truth of life which is all in your hands. So without blaming life for all of its shortfalls, take control of your life and spend time in realizing your own truth.

With the absolute truth, you not only realize the natural process of life but also make most out of the life that is present to you, here in this moment.

By Roshan Sharma -
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